Friday, December 10, 2010

Wine Whine

I'm trying to find a nice red wine to buy for my trainer for Christmas. She thinks that I've asked her for suggestions for my parents, since they drink wine, but really it's for her. I've had to ask her mainly because I don't like wine so even knowing that she likes red wine I have no clue what's good and what's not.

I really, really don't like wine. I've had cheap wine and I've had good wine. Not $100 a bottle wine, but good stuff. And as far as I'm concerned it all tastes like what it is - rotten fermented berry juice. One step away from being vinegar. *blargh* I can *taste* the rot. It's awful and I don't know how people can drink it.

That being said, sometimes the bottles are very pretty...


  1. I'm not a big wine drinker, but I like it every once in awhile. I have never had red wine, though, so I'd be no help. Sneaky, asking her! :)

    My favorite kind is reisling wines. Very fruity. But I'm weird and actually like the taste of alcohol, I don't understand people who drink but cover the taste w/sugar.

  2. We have quite a bar here at work for Friday afternoons when we can have a drink and red wine is pretty popular. Italian or Australian is the most popular here. I would suggest going to the alcohol place and asking them for a suggestion. Here at least, they are very useful.

  3. I don't drink alcohol, but if wine tastes anything like apple cider vinegar, I am not a fan! *shudder* I feel like I'm walking through a field with rotten apples whenever I smell the horrible stuff.

    But I do like the bottles...very pretty. Hope you find something that she'll enjoy. :)

  4. Merlot is very popular with my friends. Shiraz is also inexpensive but good. In the UK people really like port wine which is sweet (basically dessert wine) and tastes less 'alcoholish.' I don't know if Americans like port wine as much. I have also noticed that more English people like white wine while Americans and other Europeans like red wine. If you don't find out from her, port wine may be a safe option.

    Yea, can't stand the smell of alcohol :P

  5. sanil,

    Wine and beer are the two alcohols I just cannot get behind. Actually, it's just wine - I've had some very excellent German dark beers that I loved. But all wine has that rotten taste to it to me.

    It's really kind of funny. Give me vodka, rum, tequila - any hard liquor and I'm good to go. I'll take it straight or in a mixed drink. (I'm a marguerita girl, mainly.) But wine? *shudder* I can't drink champagne either for the same reason. It tastes rotten, though less so than wine.

  6. Candice,

    If between my trainer and my parents we can't come up with a nice red then I'm going to go to the local 'fine' liquor store (as opposed to the corner liquor store where the winos hang out...) and ask them for a recommendation. She mentioned a South African wine but no one in town can get it for me.

  7. Susanne,

    I've never had apple cider vinegar so I can't tell you if they're comparable or not. :)

    They make some really neat bottles for wine and different liquors (though I'd help you drink the other stuff).

    I'll come up with something. :)

  8. Suroor,

    Huh. I wonder why it breaks down that way? England for white wine and Europe/America for red. I love weird facts like that. :)

    I'll keep port wine as a fall back just in case, thanks!

    It's not the smell for me. I like the smell of wine just fine, like I like the smell of coffee but can't stand the taste. :)


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