Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adam West era Batman

This new HUB channel plays the old Batman show. I used to watch this after school as a kid. It's great watching it again - so corny!

And I've realized that this show bears a ton of responsibility for *so many* things about me! :)

That's just scary...


  1. I never saw this as a kid, but when everyone had to switch to digital TV, my parents got a channel that shows it. (They haven't yet and probably never will get cable.) It is incredibly fun. My sister and I love it, my parents are bewildered by that and try to convince us that it's not funny, just dumb. :D

  2. It is an incredibly awesome show! It's nutty and hilarious and so campy but I love it so much! It was on every afternoon when I was in elementary school - reruns, of course, but I was Batman obsessed even then. And this show has so much to answer for. It is love!


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