Monday, December 6, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

I *FINALLY* got to go see it. I like it - it was funnier than I remember the book being and the scene where they're destroying the horcrux? Much sexier than I recall. I'm going to have to go back and reread the books once this is all said and done.

Unrelated specifically to the movie, however, I think Dumbledore, in retrospect, was a bit of a manipulative bastard. It's been a while since I've read the books so I'm just going from memory here.

Snape was in love with Lily. Like, sort of crazy in love with her. Yes, he went and did a bad, bad thing and joined Voldemort, but he never stopped loving Lily. It's he was emotionally stunted. If Snape had been an emotionally healthy person it might have just been a crush that came and went and he'd have gotten over it, but he wasn't and it didn't. Harry, in spite of being James' son, is the last piece of Lily left on earth. Snape can, to a certain look at Harry and see his Lily. As I recall, Harry has Lily's green eyes.

So Dumbledore has Snape, who has had this horrible attack of conscience and returned to Dumbledore's side. He's got the whole emotional blackmail thing going on there in the first place and then he takes what's left of the love of Snape's life and takes him away and hides him. I'd bet that Dumbledore used weeHarry as some sort of carrot somehow for Snape. Like...I can keep him safe, keep what's left of Lily alive if you'll just help me with this, do this, etc.

Then when Harry finally came to Hogwarts Dumbledore started playing his two 'champions' against one another. He encouraged the James-like quantities in Harry. Harry'd come from a place where he had nothing. Where he was nothing. And don't tell me that Dumbledore didn't *know* how the Dursley's treated him. And then he comes to Hogwarts where he's treated as sacred and special and allowed to get away with anything he does just because he's him. Dumbledore was encouraging him to think of himself as the chosen one, as the golden child who was destined for glory. And there's Snape, watching that little bit of Lily do reckless things that will get him killed - that will wipe her out of existence once and for all.

Harry was the stalking horse for Snape. If everyone was focused on the Boy Who Lived and how *he* was the one who would kill Voldemort once and for all, then no one was looking for the dagger in the dark. Dumbledore not only used Harry to control Snape, but used him as bait to keep everyone (on the dark side) from looking at Snape with suspicion.

Mmm...there's more here, but I should probably do some work since I'm at work.


  1. Yes. Very very yes. I think a lot of people view Dumbledore as this typical fairy tale white-witch character w/no dark side, which is definitely not true. He's a little more like Charles Xavier from X-Men (...who actually kind of gets the same interpretation at least in the kids' cartoons, if not so much in the comics), manipulating and lying for what he sees as the greater good. That doesn't mean he's a bad character, but I personally don't like him. I prefer characters that wear their evil-bastard-ness right out there for the world to see.

  2. You know, I used to view Dumbledore as a perfectly good guy with no darkside. Then I really started thinking about it and he makes so much more sense as a manipulative guy. It also makes him more interesting. :) The pure, squeaky people are never as good as the ones with shades of grey and black.


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