Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So, I get back from lunch and check my voice mail. There's one message from an attorney's office (work related, so that's all normal and good) and then the next message goes like this: 'This is your grandmother. I've locked myself out of my condo.' *headdesk* Luckily, after the last time that my grandmother locked herself out of her place my mother had keys made and we all carry one on our key rings so that whoever is closest can get there.

I let the girls at work know that I've got to run out and head down to my grandmothers place. I'm expecting her to be waiting outside her door, but she's not there. So I have to call my mother and ask her who my grandmother knows in the condo so I know where she might be. My mom tells me where the door is of the lady my grandmother knows the best but she can't remember what the condo number is. Down I go to the first floor. I'm standing there, ringing the bell and no one is answering. I'm getting ready to knock and a woman who was there picking up her father tells me that that particular condo is a two-story unit and if Sarah is on the second floor then she can't hear the doorbell from the first floor. She tells me which door is the second story door and off I go to the second floor of the condo. I knock on that door and wouldn't you know, there's this very nice little old lady with the cutest little long haired chihuahua. She also happens to have my grandmother! Yay! My grandmother who was *standing* behind the first floor door of this condo. The. entire. time. So maybe the doorbell isn't even working? Let's go with that.

I collect my grandmother and we head back up to her third floor condo and I let her in. She grabs her keys and then rides down in the elevator with me because I need to go back to work and she still has to get her mail. On our way down I get to hear *why* she was so distracted that she locked herself out.

Apparently on her way to her doctor's appointment this morning she got pulled over by a Sheriff's deputy. She cut the deputy off in traffic. *headdesk* But, according to my grandmother it wasn't really *her* fault. The deputy *had* to have been speeding because she always has the time to make a left hand turn there when the car is at this other condo where she says the cop was when she made the turn. Well. Basically, my grandmother was a smart ass to the cop. *headdesk* The cop, who was within her rights to give my grandmother a ticket - the cop had to hit her brakes to keep from hitting my grandmother and I don't believe for an instant that the cop was speeding. I've driven with my grandmother - she's a *terrible* driver - just gave her a verbal warning.

And my grandmother was going on and on about how she should have gotten the officer's name and badge number so she could call the Sheriff's office and complain about the officer being rude to her!


  1. Aww, I feel like giving your grandmother a big hug!

  2. Hehehe...your grandmother sounds as feisty and cute as her granddaughter. :D

  3. Suroor,

    Hah! She drives me nuts sometimes! But this one was funny. :)

  4. Susanne,

    Bite your tongue! My grandmother and I are *nothing* alike! Nothing!

    Though I guess that would explain why we butt heads so much...similar personalities but different opinions...


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