Friday, December 17, 2010

'It was Eve's fault.'


The woman who does the obits here for the paper is a Baptist. I've spoken of her before. She's the woman from this post. Anyway. She received an obit in which one of the surviving daughters' names is Pandora. And she commented that that was a terrible thing to name your child. I asked why and she said because of the Pandora's Box thing. I said that it was still a perfectly good name, a classic name.

She took a phone call and I thought we were moving on and then she commented on the name again. And I again said that it's a perfectly good, classic name.

Her: 'But you can't name your kid that because of Pandora's Box!'

Me: 'So should we stop naming our kids Eve?'

Bystander: 'And Adam?'

Her: 'No, those are good names.'

Me: 'But they brought sin into the world. That's just as bad as the Pandora myth.'

Her: 'We're all sinners. It doesn't matter.'

Me: 'But only because of them. It's their fault.' (not really, I know, but this was a silly conversation, okay?)

Her: 'Not Adam's fault. Just Eve.'

Me: *laughing* How is it just Eve's fault? Did she shove the fruit down his throat? He made the choice.'

Her: 'She talked him into it.'

Me: 'He *still* had a choice! It's very misogynistic to blame it all on Eve when Adam committed the same crime.'

And then she answered the phone or something and dropped the conversation because I refused to agree with her. Of course, she says that I don't believe in the Bible just because I don't take it 100% literally like she does, so what can you do?

*throws hands up in the air*

She really, honestly believes that the blame can and should be laid on Eve and not on Adam. So much wrong involved here...


  1. sometimes i believe that it's not the fault of men the way they turn becuase women keep giving them excuses and blaming us-women-like the woman in your story and me now :D

  2. Eh, I agree with you. It's not like Eve shoved the dang fruit down his throat and made him swallow! :-P

    I take the Bible more literally than you, but I still don't hold women responsible for men's sins. I hold each of us responsible for what we each do.

    Ya know, there are millions of Baptists just like there are millions of people from other religious labels. We are not all like her. *looking as innocent as I can*

  3. Hi Wafa',

    *lol* It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? Men blame women for things because we let them get away with it but then it's our fault for letting them get away with it in the first place which almost makes them right... :)

  4. Susanne,

    That's right. Adam took that fruit of his own free will. :p

    I know you do. Plenty of people do and they don't lay all the blame on Eve. It really shocked me when I realised that she was serious about it being all Eve's fault.

    Hah! Go back and reread my comment on your blog about using some labels as identifiers! I have a thing about Baptists, yes, and I expect more irrationality from them, in general, but you've taught me better than to look at them like they're all the same. :) I just said that she was a Baptist so that people had some idea of where she might be coming from, theologically.


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