Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Do you guys have any 'weird' family or personal traditions for Christmas?

Family wise we have this ridiculous glass pickle ornament that *must* be hung on the tree every year. My grandmother insists that it's a German custom. So far as I can discover, it is not. It's a strange marketing ploy that it's a German tradition, but not an actual tradition. None the less, that ornament is there every year. It's a running family joke.

Personally, my Christmas is not complete until I've watched Alien (and sometimes Aliens). Because nothing says joy to the world like a chest bursting alien life form. :)


  1. Oh my and your version of 'joy to the world.' :-P

    Love the German tradition (marketing ploy) thing. :-D

  2. we go to the mall and watch all the crazy people do their shopping on christmas eve LOL

  3. Christmas eve is our Anniversary, so we always go to the cinema. We did this on our first date. We saw Tron this year. everyone else seems to hate it. I LOVE 3D!

    We also open one xmas present on Xmas eve.

    We dont exchange extravagent gifts. We have got to the stage in life where we pretty much have everything we need. and as we are in a very small rented bungalow, we cant hoard anything.

    I had new slippers this year. Sounds awful, but it is so cold here at the moment. sheep wool lined slippers are very muched appreciated.

    The only German traditions I know are, that they eat their christmas dinner on Xmas eve. PB's step Father is German and he insists on goose for the meat. and then there is something called a Rumtopf. I cant stomach this at all!

    His step sister leaves out their clogs (all their family wear wooden soled clogs inside the house, I think my cousins family in Norway also do this). They leave them on the window sill. The same as we have stockings hung up... I cant remember the date. but they have a parade and children run after a float/cart and someone dressed as Saint Nicholas throws black sweets on the ground. and the scamper to collect them... I dont know if this is just their area/village or more wide spread.

    My family also always have prawn cocktail for starters on xmas day. so retro, but always a crowd pleaser. easily pleased my lot are! I think each family has their fav family dish. But that is a whole post on its own!

  4. Susanne,

    I am a strange duck to be sure! :)

  5. LK,

    And do you mock them? I'm not sure even the entertainment factor of sitting back with all my shopping done and quietly mocking those who are running around like nutbars would get me to the mall on Christmas Eve. People around here are vicious!

  6. Slice,

    Oooh...well a belated happy anniversary to you!

    I just saw Tron this afternoon. I enjoyed it - it was shiny and action-y and fun, which is all I expected from it.

    Oh yes, my family does the Christmas Eve present too. We always get new pajamas. :)

    Hey, when you need new slippers they're an awesome gift. Next year you can start hinting at the Kindle as the perfect gift.

    Yep. The big dinner is Christmas Eve, not Christmas day. We're all too busy playing with our new toys anyhow! I didn't realise that was a German tradition though. I just through we were being practical!

    Ah, rumtopf. I remember having that one year when we were visiting family up in Ohio. It's...different, I'll give you that.

    *makes face* It's funny, I love sea food but I can't stand cocktail sauce. So shrimp cocktails are a mixed bag for me.


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