Friday, December 3, 2010

Supernatural S06E10 - Caged Heat

Oh, hey newMeg! Guess who's gonna be on the show?


Ow! It's a shifter, of course.

I wonder who Crowley's sources are?

'Would've been cheaper to drop a castle on you.'

*pets Crowley**carefully*

Much love.


'juggling Crowley's orphans' - what does that even mean?

Duh. It's what any sensible person would do when they've effected a palace coup. Never leave any enemies behind you.

'Please. Don't pretend you don't enjoy it.' Yes. But only with Sam. Also, Sam's Houdini, remember?

Cas = insurance.

Think Meg might remember him from that whole face down in a ring of holy fire thingy?

Heee. It's the plot to Raiders of the Lost Arc. Which Cas will not know. How mad will he be when he finds out Sam's lying to him?

Why does no one get that Cas is *busy*?

Uh. NotSam? I'm not liking you so much anymore. DO NOT THREATEN CAS!

Geeze. Sam, really. Do not piss of the archangel. This will come back to bite you in the ass. I promise.

Go 'way grampa. We dun love you no more.

Huh. I was betting it had something to do with Mrs. Grandpa. But Mary works too. did Mary wind up in Crowley's purview? Did her deal with Azazel damn her even though she didn't make a deal for her soul but for permission for Azazel to come into the house and mess with Sam.

Hee. I had this discussion with Pam at work. She's only on season 3 and she was asking if the Winchester's ever stopped making deals with demons. If they ever learned their lesson. And I laughed and told her to wait until she caught up. I said 'it's sort of a family tradition'.

OMG! Cas is watching porn!

'You're watching porn? Why?'

'Because it was there.'

'Great. Now he has a boner.'

*rofl* The look down! He looks sort of pissed and confused at it all at the same time! HAHAAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I may hurt something I'm laughing so hard.

'This is what you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angels?'

'I'm not supposed to talk about it.'

Also, now the groups are even.

You know, notSam goes from being funny one ep and an annoying ass the next. Kind of like real Sam, but without the gooey center.

Why's everybody always picking on Cas? Come help us. Figure it out. Deal with it. We don't care that you're fighting a civil war. Blah. Blah. Blah. Same thing they do with Bobby. It's not nice boys!

Hey look it's a vamp! And the djinn chick! I like her. She's pretty.


Ew! And so. much. wrong.

'I learned that from the pizza man.'

'I feel so. clean.'

This is all some evil, nefarious plot. Why does anyone think letting Meg have an angel sword is a good idea? An angel killing sword I must add.

Of course he did. Dumbasses.

I still love Crowley! He's just so slick while he's being all evil.

This whole family is fucked in the head.

Dean's gonna kill his ass. Yay!

I wonder who makes all the demon killing ordinance. I mean, I know Colt made the Colt, but who made Ruby's knife?

Is Sam drinking his own blood? Is that really helpful, demonic power wise? That would imply a higher level of demonness than I had previously thought he possessed.

oh! Devil's trap! Much better than my idea.

Dude. notSam really is hard core. I wish I liked him better all the time.

'What're you laughing at?'

*stabby and demon-death effects*

'Dean Winchester's behind you. Meat sack.'

I am pleased. demon-Christian is dead.

Ack. I still don't want Crowley dead!

Crowley is a bad ass. He really is. Also, so is Cas.

*pouts* Really? No. I demand no. It's a trick! Since Crowley is really an angel that didn't work at all. *sticks head firmly into the river denial*

Does Meg still have the angel sword? I assume Christian took it from her. Hang on. I don't see it anywhere in the room, but still. I presume she didn't get to keep it.

Want to know how you can help Cas? Stop calling him for stupid shit.

Dean gets to be Death? Death is back? I am pleased. And still in denial about Crowley. It didn't happen.


  1. ...

    I knew I was forgetting something tonight. *facepalm*

    So glad we live in the age of the internet.

  2. There are four other people who watch Supernatural at my work. It's my job to remind them every Friday to watch. :) I keep telling them to get TiVo and then it won't be a problem, but hey, it gives me something to do as I walk out the door!

  3. Finally saw it!

    Want to know how you can help Cas? Stop calling him for stupid shit.

    Ha! True.

    I actually liked Sam through the whole episode. He's growing on me. I want them to just give up and leave the soul, he's way funnier this way. He was always bad-ass, though. Um. As long as he was drinking demon blood, which I was actually confused and vaguely annoyed he didn't do (unless I missed something) before going to get Dean at the end. Come on now, w/o a soul, there's really no reason for him not to.

    "I learned that from the pizza man" has to be the best line in awhile. Go Cas.

    I was very proud of Meg, and I have never liked Meg. Also, I agree, Crowley is not dead. Nope. Not a chance, even if he never comes back in the series. It's just because he got bored of Winchesters and is hanging out w/Balthazar instead.

  4. I waver between liking Sam and wanting him to go away. Mostly the second comes when he's done something particularly ruthless and nutty.

    Would he have enough demon blood content in his own blood to do him any good? I thought maybe he as going to drink his own blood but then he drew the devil's trap. I don't know if he drank other demon blood or not. We didn't see it, so I'm guessing no. But if not, why not? You're right in that it would make a lot of sense for him to do it.

    I didn't really like blonde Meg. But this Meg? I like.

  5. I thought maybe he as going to drink his own blood but then he drew the devil's trap.

    I had the same thought, and was very very confused. And then so proud when I saw what he was actually doing. But no, I don't think he has enough demon blood to help.


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