Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Not Real Money...

I've discovered a hiccup in the whole Kindle system. At least for me.

When you buy things for the Kindle it's all '1-click-deliver to Murdock'. There's no order confirmation page or anything.

So it kind of feels like I'm not spending any money. I click and I have the book. No money involved! But there *is*...

I have to keep that in mind. Amazon has my number and they will charge me for the things that I buy.

Not that I've gone on any wild spending sprees, mind. And Amazon *does* tell you that the book costs x amount of dollars. It just doesn't feel like I'm spending money for some reason. And that's dangerous.

So I'm actually being very careful about buying things.


  1. I assume they charge it to your credit card like if you were buying a book from them? Is it cheaper or about the same price as buying the book?

  2. Yep. I've found that most of the time it's cheaper, if only by a little bit. But sometimes it's the same cost. *shrug* It's not the cost, really. It's just the fact that I sort of want to click on *SO MANY* books and I have to keep reminding myself that no, no, they do in fact cost real money. :)

  3. Hubby got a Kindle too, but he has not had the joy of purchasing his 'own' books yet. He is still looking through the 'freebies.' (Guess you gotta know my husband...)

    Happy New Year to ya! ...and happy reading!

  4. The collection of free books that Amazon has available is a wonderful thing. I'm being picky, like I said, but so far I've got maybe 30 books on Murdock and only 4 of them have been bought. I went straight for the Sherlock Holmes books (free!) and moved on to Shakespeare from there. They even have some new books for free.

    Happy New Year!


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