Monday, February 14, 2011

Demonstrating a Fairly Loose Understanding of History...

We went and saw The Eagle this weekend. I loved it. It hit me right in my ancient Rome kink. Also my military battles/armour/uniform/marching kinks. I have issues, I know. :) Also, Channing Tatum is easy on the eyes.

Anyway, it's set around AD 160. So we watch the movie, I drool a lot and go SQUEEE in my head, and all that. Then we have the post movie discussion. And her first question was,

"So this was set in AD 160, right?"


"That's after Christ?"

"Yep. AD. Anno Domini. After Christ."

"So, weren't all the Romans Christian?"


I should probably explain that what prompted the question was watching Tatum's character pray to several Roman gods, chiefly, sanil, Mithras. :)


  1. Hehehehe...well, it's good that you have the discussion period afterward so you can correct these tiny mistakes. ;)

  2. It's the things like this that make me boggle. :D

  3. Hahahaha that's funny.

    Well my sister told me on the weekend that we got the plague from the Native Americans.... I had to tell her that would be impossible since we didn't go to America until 1492, and the plague was in the 1300's.

  4. *gapes* Wow. I mean, I know that not everyone is as in love with history as I am, but really? Do people just sleep through their history classes? My own family is just as bad.

  5. Yeah I guess it doesn't help that I LOVE history :P


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