Friday, February 4, 2011

Questions I Saw Somewhere

Bored again. Bored. Boredboredbored...

And I can't shoot a VR or a smiley face into my walls. Mostly because I'm at work, and that's both not compliant to the reference and frowned upon for a litany of reasons. Anyway.

I've seen these questions, or something very similar, somewhere, listed like...questions people have a hard time answering. So, because I must alleviate my boredom somehow, here they are. What do are your answers? Do you have them? Do you think the questions themselves are flawed in some way? Do you have any questions that people have a hard time answering?

1. Why did God create in the first place?

2. Why doesn't God just save everyone?

3. Why did God put Satan in the Garden?

4. What will we be doing in Heaven?


  1. 1. Why did God create in the first place? Hmmm, for His own pleasure...because He is Love. I don't know...sometimes I wish I had not been born so maybe it wasn't an act of love.

    2. Why doesn't God just save everyone? He lets them choose which path to follow,but only one leads to salvation (His)

    3. Why did God put Satan in the Garden? maybe he intruded or maybe as you say, it was Satan's job so we could choose whether to follow our will or God's

    4. What will we be doing in Heaven?I think heaven is more of a renewed earth and we will be doing the work God planned for us from the beginning (I heard someone say this recently and it sounds better to me than floating on clouds.)

    What are your answers?

    "Do you have any questions that people have a hard time answering?"

    Yes, how do we bless Israel (Gen. 12:3) and is it necessary so we won't be cursed by God? (This influences American politics and foreign policy more than many realize.)

    If I think of more, I'll be back!

    If you are really bored, maybe you would like these quizzes. :)

  2. 1. I don't know either. I've never wished I wasn't born. I've wished a lot of other people off the planet, but maybe that's a personality flaw?

    2. Yes, sure, but *why*? Doesn't it stand to reason that if He was a really loving God He would make sure that everyone was saved? Wouldn't His mercy apply? - Okay, my answer, if I weren't being the devil's advocate here, is free will. Free will's always the bugger.

    3. Well, you know my answer to that one. Satan was doing his job because without a second option, what's the point of free will? Bugger all, that's what.

    4. So it's a physical place? Do I get to move into my neighbors Tajmahal-ian mansion? ;p Pish. Once in heaven, what work is there to be done?

    Yours: Hm. I don't honestly think about Israel all that much. It just, honestly, doesn't matter to me. Aside from the human suffering going on over there I don't think about it at all. I know that American policy on the matter is painfully influenced by the theological branch that seems to be trying to jump start Armageddon by establishing the Jewish state, but a) that's both silly *and* stupid, b) doesn't end well for the Jews if we're going to be literal about it c) is arrogant and presumptive and shows absolutely no humility on the part of these people who assume that they're definitely saved, when they have no way of knowing something that is only the domain of God, and d) doesn't appear to have worked and is only causing blood and pain. End result: I have no idea how to answer that question because I don't think about it!

  3. I've wished myself never born because I think about spiritual matters and wonder if maybe we are all wrong about things and eternal damnation is in store. Thus why just not 'enjoy' never having known life. :) But that's not how I usually am. Just occasionally when my pessimistic mode kicks in and I get frustrated from religious-talk/thinking overload.

    Yes, free will is why for me! You can't force someone to surrender and go somewhere they dont' want to go or spend time with you. You can,but it's much better if they CHOOSE this for themselves.

    I don't know what heaven is like. Do we take John at all seriously when he describes it? Yes, I realize it's likely symbolic, but it sounds decent. Better than hell. :) Work -- oh the fun stuff of course. Exploring, discovering, learning! So what do YOU think we will be doing there?

    You are lucky that Israel never plays much into your thinking. I have grown up in a different way. Not that my people are obsessive about it. My parents really don't talk that much about it and it's not like we were taught certain things all the time in church, however, I just always get that very pro-Israel vibe which clashes greatly with my outlook the last 3+ years

  4. Maybe I'm just not as deep as you? Even thinking that we're all wrong and headed for eternal damnation doesn't make me wish for non-existence. If that's the way it is, that's the way it is. I'd rather have had life than not.

    I'm telling you, free will buggers everything up!

    I don't know, I used to say hell was where all the interesting people were going, so heaven was sure to be full of dullards. :)

    How is that 'work'? What is there to explore, discover or learn when you are with God? You'll be too busy going, GOD all the time and being happy about it.

    If I thought it would solve anything I would honestly be okay with hauling every living thing out of Israel and then flattening it. Just...turn the desert to glass and then salt it for extra fun. But people'd just find something else to fight over.


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