Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yet Another Moar Dresden Files Thoughts Post

I finished Changes. The question of who was shouting fuego is not answered. I maintain the possibility that it was future!Harry.

This bit kills me, every time:

"I put my left hand over her eyes.

I pressed my mouth to hers, swiftly, gently, tasting the blood, and her tears, and mine.

I saw her lips form the word, 'Maggie...'

And I...

I used the knife.

I saved a child.

I won a war.

God forgive me."

Dear lord, Butcher.


Allusion to What's Coming Next: "Finally, it made the books in the supernatural community as the night of bad dreams. Before the next sunset, the Paranet was buzzing with activity, with men and women scattered over half the world communicating about the vivid and troubling dreams they'd had. Pregnant women and mothers who had recently delivered had been hardest hit. Several had to be hospitalized and sedated. But everyone with a smidge of talent who was sleeping at the time was troubled by dreams. The general theme was always the same: dead children. The world in flames. Terror and death spreading across the globe in an unstoppable wave, destroying anything resembling order or civilization."

The Fomor. Which we didn't know about until Even Hand came out and then Aftermath. BUTCHER! *shakes hand in the air in frustration* Anyone else think this whole thing is just a part of their evol plans? Yeah. I know. Not a stretch. But how awesome is it that they've been manipulating things since the beginning?

Aftermath - I hadn't read it until now. I'm only about halfway through, so we'll leave analysis until later. But I have two things.

A) Marcone is fucking awesome. All the time. And he takes shit from no magical being who is not Harry Dresden. You sir, are not Harry Dresden. Attend.

B) This description of Harry from Murphy's point of view: "Watching Dresden operate was usually one of two things: mildly amusing or positively terrifying. One a scene, his whole personal manner always made me think of autistic kids. He never met anyone's eyes for more than a flickering second. He moved with the sort of exaggerated caution of someone who was several sizes larger than normal, keeping his hands and arms in close to his body. He spoke a little bit softly, as if apologizing for the resonant baritone of his voice.

"But when something caught his attention, he changed. His dark, intelligent eyes would glitter, and his gaze became something so intense that it could start a fire. During the situations that changed from investigation to desperate struggle, his whole being shifted in the same way. His stance widened, become more aggressive and confident, and his voice rose up to become a ringing trumpet that could have been clearly heard from opposite ends of a football stadium.

"Quirky nerd, gone. Terrifying icon, present."


  1. Huh. I would never have thought of Harry as being/looking "nerdy" in any way. It is interesting getting an outside point of view.

  2. Me neither. I had to reread the section because it sort of threw me. I wouldn't ever think of Harry the way Murphy described him. But he does sometimes describe himself as a wizard-geek. That he only really does magic. It's both his hobby and his life. So I can see it, now that I think about it.

    I wish Butcher would give us more short stories from other povs. It'd be really interesting. Also, I want another Marcone one. Or seven. Whatever. Marcone!

  3. I think Butters' point of view would be interesting. :D

    And yes, Marcone. As many as possible.

  4. Butters' would be hilarious!

    I'd like one from maybe the Alphas as well. Or Michael. Hell, just give me one from everyone!

    But mostly Marcone. I want a little chapter at the end of each book with a short story from Marcone's point of view. Not that I'm greedy or anything. :D


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