Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Gospel of Mary - Chapter 20

The midwife - I assume the first midwife has gone back to the cave with Salome - tells Mary to 'get herself ready' because there's a large argument going on about her condition. And then Salome reaches in and tests Mary's condition.

She screams and pulls away because, uh, her hand bursts into flame and starts burning off. I kid you not.

Salome begs for mercy from the Lord, and an angel appears before her and tells her that the Lord has heard her prayer. He instructs her to reach out to the child, hold him, and she will be healed. Salome obeys, saying: "I worship him, for a great king has been born in Israel." and she is healed. She leaves the cave 'having been made righteous' and a voice comes to her, telling her to keep what has happened to herself until the child comes to Jerusalem.


  1. And I want everyone to note that I resisted the urge to say: 'And THAT'S why Mary and Joseph never had any kids.' Until now. When I just said it. Because, really. Even if they had intended at some point to marry and be husband and wife in the traditional and complete sense, would you? After that? I wouldn't.

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Your comment was hilarious! Yeah, really. :)

  3. Hahahahahahahahhahaa

    I'm happy I read your comment Amber, so that I could see the urge you resisted ;) 'And THAT'S why Mary and Joseph never had any kids.'

  4. 8D

    Seriously though. I'm not even a guy and I read that and thought: Nuh-uh. Not going anywhere near *that*!


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