Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yet Moar Dresden Files Thoughts

Really only the one. Not so convoluted as the previous linking. And not quite as wacky as my theory that Martha Liberty is Harry's grandmother. (Also, pretty sure Jim has said something that makes me just flat out wrong on that one, but I live in the tiny sliver of possibility here!)

I'm right in the middle of the battle at the end of Changes. The Grey Council has shown up and is kicking ass. And in the middle of it all, Harry hears someone further up on the pyramid using 'fuego' and feels sort of upset that 'someone was fuego-ing and it wasn't me'. Now, I haven't finished the reread, so maybe this is all nothing. But who was using Harry's spell?

IIRC, each wizard chooses their own 'made up' or ancient language to cast the spells in. Something that they don't actually understand so that they can assign value to the terms and add an extra layer of insulation between their minds and the stress of the spellcasting. So far, I believe that each wizard we've seen has their own spell language. Yes, they can cast other peoples' spells, but they tend not to. And if they do they tend to cast the spell using their own spell language. So who the hell was using Harry's fire spell?

Wacky theory of the day: It was Harry from the future.

We know that, at some point, Harry will break each Law of Magic. No time travel is on there. Don't ask me how or why, but I think future!Harry Showed Up too.

Of course, if I keep reading and it gets explained, then that's all out the window. We'll fuego that bridge when I get there.


  1. It's...possible someone else just happens to use the same spell, right? I mean, that's not exactly a rare language and it's pretty straight forward to use a word that means fire to do a fire spell. Also, did it actually say it was the same spell, or could it be another fire-related spell and someone just happens to use the same word for something different?

    But yeah, those explanations aside, I don't think he would have mentioned it unless it was important, and Future-Harry is where my mind went with that too. But it will be interesting to find out.

  2. True. It is possible and for the very reason you said. It's not like Harry's faux-latin is some super secret language or anything. And we don't get to see the spell in action. We just hear someone using it and Harry pouting. :) For those two reasons I am not 100% sold on it being future!Harry. But it's a possibility that I like. :D

    I think it just strikes me as odd because as far as I can recall, the only times we've seen someone use one of Harry's spells it's been the Nightmare or something else not a wizard. And it's such a weird, throw away thing. If it was common, would Harry remark on it?

    There are so many of these damn throw away moments that come back and mean shit later I've become suspicious of them all!

    Also, I've made it all the way up to the top of the pyramid, with the Red King getting ready to sacrifice Maggie Jr and you know, right before it all goes to pot *again* and in the charge up the pyramid Harry doesn't run into any other wizards. The Grey Council is all off on the other side fighting. So who was up there earlier? I admit they obviously shifted positions, it being a battle and all. But still. *clings to her theory*

  3. Other random thought. Is it possible the "fuego" was coming from someone on the other side? Would he have heard that the same way? o.o Fun thoughts!

    There are so many of these damn throw away moments that come back and mean shit later I've become suspicious of them all!

    It all means something! We just don't know what yet! :D Butcher's good at making us paranoid and (possibly) over-attentive.


  4. Mmm....*goes back to reread*

    It's hard to tell. The Grey Council has just shown up and there's fighting going on all around Eb and Harry. Here's the quote: "'Fuego!' shouted someone on the walls - and for a second I was hit with a little sting of insult. Someone was shouting 'fuego' and it wasn't me."

    Rereading it, the bad guys are the ones on the walls. So all vampires and their slaves, servants and hired guns. There's no mention of any wizards serving on their side. So it's technically possible that someone on the other side was using Harry's spell, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The vampires don't seem to need to use magic languages to cast spells. Maybe something to do with them being inhuman? Of course it's also possible that someone from the Grey Council made it up to the walls at that point.

  5. Ok. :) I didn't know if it would make any sense. I only thought of it because you noted that other people have used his spells before...and I either don't know or don't remember who those people are. (If they're people. I really have to re-read the whole series before Ghost Story, don't I? *sigh* ;)

  6. Because my boss isn't here today, so clearly this is license to screw around and write the CM/DF xover prompt which entails me hanging around in my email. Anyway.

    I'm just going off of memory myself when I say that others have used Harry's spells. The only one that I can say with certainty is the Nightmare, after it ate part of his power. Which might be why it could do that. Other than that, I just have some sort of vague recollection of someone else using one of Harry's spells against him. But I can't guarantee that that's correct.

    (If they're people. I really have to re-read the whole series before Ghost Story, don't I? *sigh* ;)

    Yes. *nods* I'm almost done, I've just got to finish out Aftermath which I should knock out at lunch. And then...well, crap. Since I've got another five months until Ghost Story comes out, I suppose I'll just have to start from the beginning again. :D

    I feel like I should take damn notes on each chapter/short story.


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