Friday, February 18, 2011

Supernatural S6 - Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

aka the episode where Amber thinks the Trickster will be back, even though she knows it's wishful thinking...

Ah, flashbacks first to the epic dump of dumps, and then Sammy's soulless story and the collapse!

Okay, I'm totally jaded because the whole visual of Sam's skin being on fire - not actually horrific enough for me.

And he's back. Yay?

This is not going to go well.

And now I giggle at the anatomy mannequin killing the guy.

It was funny, okay?!

"You shove it down and you let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism."

"That sounds healthy."

"Works for me!"

Boys! Really? Above conversation explains so much of what is wrong with you two...

Hello? Janitor? College? Trickster? Come on!

Dean really needs to stop playing with hearts, both real and plastic. It's kind of wrong.

Know why the mannequins kill? Because they're not anatomically correct. They've got no way to get out their urges but through penetrative acts with foreign objects.

*snort* Dean and the mannequin. Dean is the best. Of all things.

Oooh...see, I was doubting the whole Trickster thing because both guards were coming up clean, but now with the missing girl. Hope springs back to life!

And this is why Winchesters can't have girlfriends. They should stick to each other. And Castiel. And Gabriel. You know what I mean!

*If* I'm right, then I vote Johnny as the Trickster's diguise.

And everyone who knew Ben was lying, raise your hand. *hand goes up*

*smishes Dean and Lisa together*

Hmmm...maybe not then. Who knows? It could just be a vengeful ghost, or the sister's a witch!

Damn. Cold air. But I want Trickster! Let it go Amber, let it go....

Nope, nope. Wait! Trickster can fake the ghost bits, and 'kill you for being a dick!'

And now *I* want to kill these dicks. Whoever's doing it, good for them!

I really do love Ben. Awwwwwwwww....I....ISSUES. Damn adults fucking up kids lives.

My god Dean's a pretty man. Those *lips*. Yeah. Move along. No coherence to see here...

Uh. Doll! Look, I totally try not to judge people and their kinks, but I find the whole really really realistic sex dolls thing odd. Not that that one's particularly realistic, but it brought it to mind.

Okay, so it's not Johnny.

I'm 99% sure that was the sister going into the bar. So my vote's switched to the sister being a witch. Though I still want Trickster! *clings to the belief with grim determination*

The dead sister's possessing the living one? Maybe?

Oooohhh...kidney. That's...that's cool.

Not the car! "You leave my baby alone! She's got nothing to do with this!"

Oh noes! She totally stabbed herself. I mean, really, how else would that piece of glass do that?

*is disappointed* No Trickster...

"All we do is make a mess."

"That's not true!"

Um, actually, it sort of is. I mean, according to Death, you guys are chaos walking.

And I'm not 100% on that soul thing, Sam. That little hell flashback episode was way too understated. And what about the burning eyes? Yeah. I don't believe you...




  1. ...Huh. How did this being a Trickster episode not occur to me? I even pointed out the ridiculousness of the title. Oh well, I was off tonight. My hand had to stay down when you asked who knew Ben was lying. :D

    Ha! I'm so jaded (or so spacey tonight) it didn't even occur to me we were supposed to be horrified by it. Oops.

    I like your "why mannequins kill" theory. :D It works!

    THE POOR CAR. Looked fine, though. She is a strong, strong car. Much love.

    The stabbing herself explanation makes more sense than anything else in this episode. I think they should hire you as a writer and fire whoever actually wrote this. (Can you tell this is not one of my favorites? :D Sorry, I'll be nice now.)

    Oh good. I am so with you on the soul thing, but didn't want to write it because I figured it was unlikely. But I totally expected this episode to end with some little flash of a hint that things are still not right with him. There's still time! It could still be true, just not shown! *crosses fingers* (Yes, I know I root for the wrong side. Sorry.)

    (LOL, captcha says "pahssess". Nice.)

  2. The only thing I can say (because I did the unthinkable and read this before watching the episode) is.

    When you wrote "Okay, so it's not Johnny."

    All I could think about was when Bobby said "Don't say 'Here's Johnny!" when Sam was taking an axe to the closet door before the hiatus. When everything turns into a reference from The Shining you finally realize you have problems...
    Time for me to break out the alcohol.

    Oh, I should probably mention that these little stream of consciousness things you do for each episode are brilliant!

  3. I thought it might be a Trickster ep based on the utter ridiculousness of the preview from the week before, with the moving mannequins. I was wrong, and this saddens me.

    I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be all, oh no, poor Sammy! But I wasn't. Because...meh.

    Impotence contributes to a lot of shit in the real world. I can't imagine being entirely sexless makes you stable. Even if you are an inanimate object most of the time. :D

    I figure, the Impala has been squashed beyond all belief and Dean rebuilt her by hand. She can survive a little wall v. car fight. But I still feel bad for her!

    I would totally be okay with being a writer for SPN. Only they probably wouldn't be able to use any of my scripts! Not on cable anyway!

    Apparently captcha was drinking that night!

  4. *lol*

    Though I think the alcohol will just make it worse, seeing as how it was such a contributing factor to the problems in the Shining. :)

    Glad you enjoy my ramblings!


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