Friday, February 25, 2011

Supernatural S6 - The French Mistake

Raphael is a douche. We all remember that, right?

And Balthazar is Gabriel's understudy. And also Cas' ex.

Ruby? Why're we brining up Ruby? I don't like it.

Balthazar! Hi there! I really love him.

And I want Raphael dead.

Oh *that*'s right. That's why Ruby. Duh.

*giggles so hard it hurts*


Ok. no, wait. seriously. i just had to pause the show to laugh. *deep breaths*

right. lets try this again.

*flaily* MISHA!

fake!me fake!mine

right. this whole thing is going to be me going:


can't drive the prop car....

'You *married* fake!Ruby!'

Them acting like they're acting. BADLY!

Misha! In the background and the Twittering!


Will Virgil's powers work in real life where there are no angels?

And that'd be a NO.

Just got pick-pocketed by a powerless angel.

'it wasn't *all* the way to death.'

Misha's just like a little PUPPY! someone needs to take that phone away from him.


*pouts* Did he just kill MISHA?!?! no likey.

'the scary man killed the attractive crying man'

Oh god. It's bad, because MISHA BABY! but still so damn funny

and the angel just killed 'god'. let's all not think *too* deeply about that one, right?

Raphael's a girl! *is pleased*

Hey, look. Cas is a BAD ASS! YAY!

Balthazar gave his boyfriend back the really powerful toys.

Okay, I'm trying to figure out exactly what Balthazar says here.

"Well, Cat." - I SWEAR that's what it sounds like, okay? Pet name anyone?

"Well, Cat, now that you have your sword, try not to die by it."


And now Dean and Cas are fighting. Which is all a part of Balthazar's plan to get back in Cas' pants. Prove I'm wrong! You can't, can you?!?


i have no idea what the fuck that was. except for a drill bit coming out someone's ear there at the end. that i recognized.


  1. I was very conflicted over the Misha-death. On the one hand, NO! But he did it so well and was so adorable with the crying.

    and the angel just killed 'god'. let's all not think *too* deeply about that one, right?
    I can't figure out who you're referring to there. Bob? But wouldn't Sera or Kripke be "god"? Or did I miss a death or plot point?

    Yes, Cas is definitely a badass. He and Balthazar together put me in total squee mode for a bajillion reasons. They could take over the entire universe, I am pretty sure. Raphael should have run a long time ago.

    Hahaha, yes. Definitely Balthazar did this on purpose to break up Dean and Cas. Silly thing, he should just take both of them. :D

  2. First: As this was my very first time coming across your blog, I was caught off-guard by CK's pic and proceeded to stare for five minutes before remembering what I was doing.

    Second: OMG, I loved this episode! Aaaaaaannnnndddd...

    Ever get that feeling that someone is in the backseat. Frowny face.

    Too cute!

  3. sanil,

    I know. Like you said, he did it well, because he's Misha. On the other hand, MISHA! And a million minions rose up in vengeance!

    Virgil shot Kripke out on the lot, with the shotgun. They all saw him coming, said, 'oh, there's the extra' and Kripke went over to sort it out. And then Virgil shot him. :D

    Balthazar and Cas need their own show. :D

  4. Hi there!

    Only five minutes? I applaud your will power! It's my blog and I stare at him for a good ten minutes every time. :D

    This episode was wonderful from beginning to end.

    And yes! Misha's little tweets were so...cute and then you knew as he did that last one it was going to go bad, but his real voice is so different from the Cas voice it didn't matter anyway. :D

  5. Wow, seriously? Totally missed that. :D I should watch it again and pay more attention. Poor Kripke.

    They definitely should. Even just a short web-series like GhostFacers.


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