Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Don't Even Know What To Title This

So I was going to do a post about my trainer and how she's given me an ultimatum to get rid of my big, baggy exercise t-shirts. I have until April. Anyway. I was going to do pictures and show you guys how awful it'll be without the nice baggy shirts.

But then I took the pictures.

First, let me say I have no freaking clue why the pics are so damned fuzzy. I think it's something to do with the program I use of the computer. I'm getting a new computer just as soon as my nerd Dad finds one for me. I'm switching to a desktop. Anyway. I'm doing everything the instructions tell me but since I switched to Linux Mint and the F-Pimp or whatever the programs called, my pics are all fuzzy!

Moving on.

So this is the pic of what I wear to the gym right now. Big, right?

And this is a t-shirt that fits.

But here's the kicker. This one's of me in the exercise top that my trainer wants me to wear. Oh my god, people. I look like a real girl! (Ignore the roll looking thing at my waist. It's not a roll. I have the top pulled down over the top of my exercise pants so it looks a little funny.)


  1. OK, I had to giggle at your program being called F-Pimp.

    Wow, I like the modeling T-shirt thing here! You are lookin' good!! :) I most always wear too baggy stuff especially around the house. I really do have somewhat of a figure under these giant sweatshirts and t-shirts. :)

    So let us know when you wear the third thing! Does she want to show you off or something? BTW, did you do your write up for her about your success? And how was that?

  2. I look like a real girl!

    :D You always look like a girl! A pretty one, even! But I'm glad you're happy with the "girl" shirt.

    Congratulations! :)

  3. *snicker*

    Thank you! I need to go through my clothes again. I think I'm still wearing larger clothes than I need to be because they fit not all that long ago and it's messing with my perception of how much weight/inches I've really lost. The big, baggy exercise shirts are going away this weekend. To the rag bin!

    I am...working up my nerve to exercise without a shirt over the exercise top. I always wear one under the t-shirts anyway. It's just going to be weaning me off the shirts I guess.

    *facepalm* Crap! Susanne, I forgot about it!

  4. sanil,

    Hah! Thanks. :D

    But I don't think I have a girl figure, see? But in that last picture, I totally do!

  5. You look great! Good job on your weight loss! One scale says about 6 lbs less than the other here for me... so I go with the lower one. lol

    I wear over-sized clothes, mostly because even when I was thin and healthy, I didn't see myself as a skinny girl. I saw myself as the size 12 that I'd been for the 3 or 4 years before that time.

    I know that wearing bigger clothes makes me look bigger, but... eh. I feel too self-conscious in more fitted things. : /

  6. Thanks!

    Always go with the lower scale! :D

    Ugh. I aspire one day to be a size 12. Really. But I get what you're saying. I have...wonky self image. When I was heaviest, I didn't think I looked heavy. Now that I've acknowledged my weight problems and have lost nearly 100 lbs (holy crap!) I still think of myself as bigger than I really am.

    I think that's part of my trainer's point is that I'm not seeing myself because I keep wearing the baggier clothes. Saturday shall see a closet cleaning. I need to do another shift of what fits and what will fit soon. I need to *see* it.


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