Friday, February 11, 2011

Supernatural S6 - Unforgiven

Missed last week because our ISP crapped out on us. Bastards.

Okay, so today is all about Sam and the naughty bad things he did while being unSam.

Let me say this: Sam is an idiot. I mean, he's smart, I know. But this whole, 'let's ignore the giant warnings and poke at shit' thing is not smart. It's a family trait, to be sure, but not smart at all.

Ah, Evol Grampa!

You cannot tell me that Sam couldn't have taken the cop out without beating the shit out of him. He did that because he *liked* it. Eeeeevil.......

Dear Dean: in-a-pro-priate. I love you, but no.


Oh, I'd have given money to see Sam in that stupid pirate hat.

Unrestrained Sam is a horn-dog.

Box o'wine. Does anyone really drink that crap?

Well that was ominous and insect-sounding-y.

Seesee? Cocoony stuff in the flashbacks!

Oh, I know this one! Sam used the sheriff as bait and he got killed and the wife brought Sam back to get her revenge!

Arachne's story is actually really fucked up and tragic. I like to use it to demonstrate how messed up the Greek/Roman pantheon were.

There's half my theory proved.

Oooh! Oooh! The arachne was making mates and Roy survives and is what's doing the killings!

Woah. Um. I got nuthin.

*grin* I win at life.

D'uh. Well, don't say Death didn't WARN YOU!

Okay. I know that was meant to be a serious ep preview and all, and I am so very much reading too much of what I want into things, but couldn't that be a Trickster kind of thing to do? I think so...


  1. Ha, looks like we mostly noticed the same things. :D You were just quicker to pick up on the plot.

    What was the in-a-pro-priate responding to, though? I can't remember anything.

    And yes. Definitely Trickster. :D

  2. It was the spider web at the wife's house. That's what convinced me of my theory!

    Oh, when he was looking at the missing posters for the women and commenting on how that one was 'wild'. Totally horndogging it on their Missing Posters!

    *cross all limbs that can be crossed* I want the Trickster!

  3. Ahhh, I see. :D Yeah, he can be creepy sometimes.


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