Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Asking Mary's Prayers - Victory Over Death

This section takes off of the first point brought up in the last. The ancient Christian belief about death.

"Stop anybody on the street and ask for a one-sentence definition of Christianity, and you're apt to hear something along these lines: 'Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins.' But it doesn't take much reading in the works of the early Christians to realize that they were focused on something beyond that which resulted from the Cross and Resurrection. The empty tomb means something for all of us. Christ's victory has rescued us from death."

One tactic of the 'evil one' (however you choose to view the devil) is to use the fear of death to keep humanity in bondage. People are, for the most part, instinctively afraid of death. It takes an unusual human to never have any concerns about what lies after they take their final breath.

Jesus took on human form to, in part, destroy death through His own death. He crossed to the other side and destroyed the hold that death had on us. Sometimes we can't see that, but it's true. I'm hardly saying that we don't fear death any longer, but for those who believe in Christ, we know that it is not the end. That there is justice and something better waiting for us in the end.


  1. Who knew a post touching on death could be this encouraging!! :)

  2. It's all a matter of perspective. :)


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