Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess what I just did.


Did you guess that I just took off July 26th from work so I could read Ghost Story right away?

If you did, you'd be right.

I'm not obsessed. Not.

Do you think it'll hit Murdock at 12:01 that morning?


  1. Awesome. :D Makes me wish I had a Kindle, and that I could stand the thought of reading fiction books on a screen. (I know you get used to it, my mom of all people, who always said she would never get one, just did and loves it, but I'm just not there yet.)

    Anyway, enjoy! I'm pretty sure I won't go to that extreme, but I definitely plan to get it as soon as possible. Your post kinda scared me because when I read the preview in the little subscription box I skipped over the date and thought you meant it came out already. :D I was all "NOOOOOOO, I CAN'T AFFORD IT NOW!" But I can save up in time for July, I think!

  2. The Kindle isn't like reading on a screen at all though. It doesn't look like it when you're reading the text, so there's no eye-strain like you might get reading on the computer screen. Next time you visit home, steal your moms for a while!

    Honestly, this is just a symptom of the disease. I am well and truly obsessed with this series. Someone asked me if I had a shrine to Butcher yet. And they're not even fannish.

    July cannot come soon enough!


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