Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Goals

In no particular order:

1. Get healthy, weigh less - seriously, for a variety of reasons, I weigh more than I should. By a lot. This shall be corrected. Entire lifestyle overhaul is in progress, and it's going well, but I'm making it a Goal.

2. Relearn how to cook. I can cook, but I need recipes to do it, and I don't do it often enough.

3. Relearn how to sew. Again, I learned, but I stopped in junior high, because it was 'girly'. I resist the urge to slap my younger self upside the head, but it's hard. To this end, I have picked up counted cross stitching kits. Not quite sewing, but something that I enjoyed and was sort of good at, so a step in the right direction. Needless to say, I have already, somehow, screwed up the first one, but it's a practice one anyway. I shall persevere!

4. Learn Latin.

5. Learn Hebrew.

(You may ask why, for 4 and 5. Just what I say.)

6. Be social! I lack this desire, but I'm told it's something healthy people do, is speak to others. I shall try it...

7. Find a husband. Hey, I didn't say they were all rational or reasonable goals. And I figure I should probably start looking, if I ever want to get married.


  1. I too would love to learn Hebrew,,and also Greek..just because,,lol.

    Great goals girl!! ((hugs))

    I have a sewing machine sitting, sitting, sitting, did I mention sitting, for a good 7 years...sigh. I too would like to learn how to sew. One of my goals, one day!

  2. I loved reading your goals! And you have some lofty ones! I took two years of Latin in high school. I hope that goes well for you. I'd like to learn Arabic, I think.

    Hope you have a prosperous new year!

  3. Angela,

    To be honest, I'd like to learn all the Biblical languages, so Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic. But I figured I'd start with Hebrew. Not that it's 'easiest', but I know a couple of Jewish people who have at least a working knowledge of it.

    We've got a sewing machine too. It's holding down the table. :) I'm going to schedule some time with my grandmother so she can re-educate me on the machine and basic sewing stuff.


    Thank you! They are sort of lofty, aren't they? Here's hoping I accomplish some of them, anyway. My best friend took latin, and she's going to see if she still has her books for me. Of course, she doesn't remember any of it, or I'd make her help me. :)

    Arabic seems like it'd be fairly difficult to pick up, but if you decide to try, good luck!


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