Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Post of Things

I am Posty McPoster-person today. Third post of the day, and it's just random stuff.

1. Have you ever heard of Bob Larson? I think he is full of it. And watching him on tv makes me feel kind of slimy.

2. Abyss is still a completely awesome movie.

3. If my mother gets goats, I want pet pigs. I think its only fair.

4. Either our house is haunted or I have lost yet another pair of sunglasses. Two guesses which of these things is more likely, and the first one doesn't count.

5. Why is History Channel suddenly obsessed with the apocalypse? This week is 'Apocalypse Week', apparently. Not that I don't appreciate it, because I get to watch some interesting stuff, but this obsession with 2012 is just bizarre...

6. My mother has implemented the swear jar, in order to improve household language. There are three of us, and we are all adults. Whoever swears the least (I insist that we chart this) at the end of the year gets the money in the jar. The jar has existed for about 24 hours. Both of my parents have had to pay into it. I have not. Guess who's getting that money at the end of the year?

edit: 7. Am deeply disturbed that, according to the History Channel show I have on, 'doctors' used to implant monkey / goat testicles in people, to cure depression and sloth. One doctor just sliced up goat bits and tossed them into the person. I am not only disturbed, but horrified. How does that even remotely seem like a good plan?

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