Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feel My Nerdish Glee...

I now own a 1961 edition of The Screwtape Letters. It is worth, probably nothing. Paperback, with mild wear and tear. But to me? Priceless. And I got it for free! Someone left it on the booktrading table in the lunchroom at work!

Feel my glee! Feel it!


  1. Heehee - I can feel it all the way over here. Of course, you could have said something about how you were surprised by the joy of it, if you wanted to be a true Lewis nerd. ;)

  2. LisaM,

    You're right! I really, really should have, but I didn't think of it! I'll have to hand in my secret decoder ring now, won't I? :)


    Exactly! When I picked it up and realized how old it was...'wheeee' was about the only thing going through me head. :)



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