Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Local Mosque

This is an artists rendering of the mosque before it was constructed. It's from Beay Light Construction Company, Inc. I can't find a photo of the mosque in its completed state, but it was finished last year sometime. From what I can see, driving by, it looks basically like this.

So, goofing off at lunch, I found pictures of our local mosque. It's down the street from where I work, but I've never been there. And I'm in a sharing mood...

First is a link to a photo essay by a local reporter/writer/photographer, Malcolm Brenner.

The Mosque: A Photo Essay obviously, all the pictures on there are his. Though I have to quibble, the mosque isn't in Punta Gorda. Maybe zipcode wise it is, but it's physically in Port Charlotte. Not that that makes any difference...

This is a picture of the mosques roof. They don't seem to have a minaret, unless it's behind the dome...then again, I don't know that minarets are *required* on a mosque, just that they all seem to have one. The photo is by Sarah Coward (for the local paper), another local photographer.
This is a local woman at the mosque. I don't know if she was there to pray or what. This was also taken by Sarah Coward for the local paper. Malcolm got to photograph the mens side of the mosque, Sarah the womens side. But the paper published only a few of her pics.

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