Monday, January 12, 2009

'boys are disposable'...?!?

I found this on Ave Maria Gratia Plena...: Boys are stupid?, and she lists where she found it at, here. So go there to see the original article.

I would like to know why this is acceptable? Take 'boy' out of that phrase, and replace it with any other group at all, 'girls', 'christians', 'jews', 'children', 'muslims', etc. and there will be someone screaming at the top of their lungs about hate speach and prejudice. So why is it 'cute' and 'funny' when it's aimed at boys? I can just see a generation of little feminists being brought up with this in mind. We'll wind up in a place where, as opposed to China, where they don't value their daughters, and 'select' for boys in the womb, we'll be doing that for our sons.

Dr.: I'm sorry, it's a boy.

Horrified mother and cowed father: Oh no! *shudder* Not a boy!

Dr.: I know, it's tragic, but it does happen. Don't worry, we'll 'take care of it' for you, and you can try again.

This is just a symptom of how insane this has gotten, I think. I used to, well, I used to be a feminist, though I didn't call myself that, but even after I'd pulled that giant stick out of my butt, I still thought that some people were a little too alarmed about the feminists. I'm not thinking that anymore. I think the 'alarmists' are right.

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  1. Great point! I've wondered before why they allow men to always be portrayed as idiots on TV. If women were portrayed that way, they would protest. But it seems it's OK to make men especially dads into idiots. Not all of them are for sure!


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