Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AP Wire: Jacksonville Company to Sell Caylee Doll

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Jacksonville promotions company says it will sell a blonde-haired doll that bears the name of a slain Florida toddler as a "tribute" to the girl.

Showbiz Promotions is selling its Caylee Sunshine doll, which is named for Caylee Anthony, for $29.99.

The company's president, Jaime Salcedo, said he plans to donate some of the proceeds from the doll to a charity, but he hasn't selected an organization yet.

Salcedo said the company wants the doll to "be a tribute" to Caylee Anthony, whose body was found by a utility worker in December in woods near where she lived with her mother and grandparents. She was reported missing in July.

Casey Anthony, Caylee's mother, is charged with the girl's murder.

Seriously? Humanity is broken. This whole story is horrible, and then for this schmuck to decide to profit from a little girls murder? Why has no one punched this guy in the face yet?

Edit: From CNN 'Caylee Sunshine Doll Sparks Outrage'. But at least they've suspended production. The whole thing is just shady, and it doesn't surprise me that the company is already under investigation for other things.

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