Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nature at My House

So, I sort of live in boondocks. We get Nature out here. Someday I'll get my Mom to email me the pictures she takes, so I can put some of them up.

Last night, I got home around 9-ish. Dad warned me that there had been a snake around the house, last seen in the vicinity of my flower bed statue. Of course, I run in, get a flashlight, and go looking for him. I like snakes, Dad doesn't mind them, but my mother is terrified. She wouldn't even leave the house.

I found him, hiding out near our water pump/filter system against the side of the house. I couldn't get a picture, because of the pipes, there just wasn't a good angle. And of course, when he was laying out in the open before, no one got a picture because my mother is the one who thinks of taking nature photos, and she wasn't getting anywhere near it.

This is the closest I can come. I think our visitor was a water snake. They're non-poisonous, and we're not that far from a preserve (we had a 12-foot gator show up in our swale after a good storm one day).

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