Monday, January 26, 2009

Mike the Tow Truck Man

Twice, Mike the Tow Truck Man, has been able to listen to us tell him what is wrong with my car and tell us what was wrong. And we're all people who don't really know about cars, so his only clues were, 'well, it made this metal clicky noise, and now it thinks its in second, but the gear shift is in park position, and it's really sort of in neutral...'

So, I love Mike the Tow Truck Man, and I wonder if he works on cars, as opposed to taking it to Ford, since the warranty is over anyway.

I've calmed down, and will keep this car, for the moment. I want to finish paying off my credit card, and build up some more in savings, and what with the economy, I don't want to take on another car payment if I don't have to. So. They're fixing the car at Ford, and I will take it home and treat it gently. But, I will never buy another Ford again. This is my second, the first was a Mustang, bought used off of someone, and it worked wonderfully, right up until it died, and when it died, it died thoroughly. But it was an older car. This, my little SUV? *twitches* I cannot express my level of frustration with this car, and Ford's inability to a) tell me what's wrong (or that there's anything wrong at all), and b) fix it without the aid of Mike the Tow Truck Man.

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