Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How you know you were raised in the South

aka: How to Tell the Southerners in the Room from the Yankees -

One of the women at work objects to Obama being called the First Black President. 'He's not black! He's mixed! And he was raised by white people!' She keeps insisting. Which is true, he's biracial, and he was raised by his white family, not that the second makes him white, but whatever. (She, by the by, is a Yankee)

I, politically correct genius that I am, say, 'Well, can he pass?' - and this is where you know where everyone was raised. The Southerners just say, 'No.' The Yankees (mostly) go 'Pass what?'


  1. Lol, another Southerner here. I've had a few Northern folks get real upset when they heard us talking about putting babies down for a nap on a "pallet", lol. They were thinking of those wooden things while we were thinking of making a spot on the floor with blankets.

  2. I know, some days its like we're speaking two different languages. :)

  3. LOL! It really is. I get made fun of all the time here in Texas (so NOT the South) for saying things like "I reckon" and "fixin' to".

    They say "normal" people don't say stuff like that. But who are they to say what's normal? : )


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