Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'd Wear That...

Burqini from Which is in Australia. I haven't found, yet, any place in the states that sells them. Not that I'd buy one, atm. But I actually kind of like them.

Or this, it's an Indian style of clothing, salwar kameez. I just don't think it would look right on me, which saddens me. I love the look.


  1. Yes...I'd wear these outfits, too. Lovely! I love the whole 'flowy' thing that's going on here. I'm all about the flow. How can I get more flow in my wardrobe? Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

    Hi...stumbled across your blog from Lisa's website. Don't see here how to contact you, but I'm working on a headcovering project I could use your input on. Could you email me at Thanks so much.

    great blog, btw. I added you to my sidebar.


  2. I like them because they cover, without seeming so heavy, very light and flowy, like you said. Very nice.

    Hmm, I never expected anyone would want to contact me!


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