Monday, April 25, 2011

And the freaky dreams return

So I dreamt last night that one of my neighbors was Muslim. And I was, for some reason, talking about my desire to go to the mosque in my backyard. And he overheard, and was explaining that there was a class being held at xxxx about xxxx(something I can't recall). So I'm thrilled, and when I finally look at him (because we held this entire conversation without looking at one another. Or at least I assume he wasn't looking at me, because there was a screen of trees between us) I saw that he was a kid, maybe half my height and he had a deformed leg. Like, it was very much larger than his other leg. Swollen, maybe?

And this is when I wish I understood dream analysis.


  1. Me too! Dreams are so interesting sometimes!

    I am behind on reading your posts, but never fear, I will read them soon, Lord willing! (Been hanging around Samer too much. He uses this phrase all the time! Ha!)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. "screen of trees"

    a niqab..."behind the veil" -- your book is clearly influencing your dreams

    I was thinking about it while riding the lawn mower.

    I'll see what else I can come up with. I'm sure you'd already made that connection...haha.

    A thing that has been on my mind for several months now for personal reasons (but nothing I wouldn't share) is the biblical phrase "a little child shall lead them." I felt like God impressed it upon my heart when I was depressed about something ..and "a little child" was very relevant to the situation.

    So I am struck by the fact of the young child in your dream. Yet the symbolism of his deformed he unable to lead?

    Now I am acting all freaky with this dream analysis bit. Like I know what I'm talking about.


  3. I really like that phrase, though, so don't feel bad. I actually find myself saying it in my head sometimes, without thinking about it. Only I'll usually be saying it (and I'm certain mispronouncing it) in Arabic. Inshallah. Just because it sounds neater. My head is a weird place

    *nods* I'd thought about that, too. The screen of trees = niqab.

    I looked it up online, so you know it's questionable, but from what I read the symbolism of a deformed child seems to be that there is a part of my personality is corrupted, underdeveloped or overwhelmed. Or at least part of my mind feels that way about another part of it! That I feel mentally or emotionally handicapped in some aspect of my personality.

  4. Oh, haha..I actually think "inshallah" a lot too because that is actually what Samer taught me. I grew up hearing "Lord willing" said since it's also part of Christian faith (book of James). It was cute in Syria hearing "inshallah" quite much! :)

    Oh, interesting about what a deformed child represents! I can see why you might feel that way about yourself based on things you have shared.


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