Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Find It Cheapening and Tawdry

*sigh* I'm weird, I know. I don't like and/or respect any religious group that makes tv commercials for themselves. It's cheap and tawdry, makes me feel like they're selling themselves, makes me think of the televangelists, and we all know how I feel about them. So, Mormons, 7th Day Adventists, Scientologists, etc. them. I am immediately turned off by the fact that they advertise like that.

And now guess what's popping up on my tv all the time.

Commercials for the Catholic Church. *headdesk*

You can see some of them here at the official website: Catholics Come Home. I think it's just a group of Catholics, not something run by the See in Rome or anything, but still. Still.

Excuse me. I'll be over here, being embarrassed for these people. *reminds herself this is not. her. problem. anymore.*


  1. I have only ever seen two religious groups do commercials (aside from maybe charities or something, I mean actually advertising the church) - LDS and United Church of Christ. I didn't know all those others advertised! :D I'm going to start paying more attention and looking for them.

    And yeah, it actually looks like it's just this one guy (and then a group he founded), not the official church or anything. He just really wanted to tell people about it and had the money to do so, I guess? At least they don't seem abrasive or anything, so they don't bother me. Sorry it bugs you, though. At least they're small and no one who thinks it through should equate them with Catholicism as a whole. :)

  2. I've seen them a few times the last few months and thought it was interesting since there are so few Catholics in my area. I was wondering if they were trying to appeal to the nonSoutherners who are from more Catholic regions who now live here. Or the Latinos. They didn't bother me, but made me think of you. Then you aren't really Catholic any more, but still. :)

  3. sanil,

    Maybe it's regional? Some churches in some areas decide to advertise and others of the same denomination don't in other areas? I don't really know. I've even seen commercials for this one cult a while back that was saying that the Mahdi had returned.

    Oh, they're very nice commercials, and I guess if you're going to have a commercial, this is the way to go. Like I said, I'm weird. It shouldn't bug me, but it does. Not in the 'annoying and disgusting' way, but in the 'I'm embarrassed for them' way.

  4. Susanne,

    It's a personal quirk, I know.

    And everything should make you think of me! The brainwashing is working!

    It is all about Amber! :D

  5. Aha! It's all about Amber. Now I'm wondering if YOU are behind these Catholic ads. ;)

  6. Ugh that commercial is so ANNOYING! I know that a large chunk of the youth that was born Catholic no longer identifies as such but come on. A commercial (especially an ubber cheesy one) is not going to make them go to church. Nor is it going to make young men be priests (We had one of this nature that aired often in NY). Its somewhat demeaning. And desperate.

  7. Susanne,

    And now you've confused me. Why would I be responsible for the ads that annoy me? Or is this me being the center of the universe again? :0)

  8. LK,

    That. Yes, all of that. I agree. So glad it's not just me! I was beginning to feel really weird!


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