Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save the Queen! and the mosque thing again.

Or, uh...whatever they say. So I accidentally got up in time to watch William and Kate walk down the aisle. Her dress was gorgeous! Except for the train. I'm not a big train fan on wedding dresses. I mean, it was lovely and all, just not my thing. And we won't talk about how I DVR'd the event on two different channels so I can watch it all later. Because I don't care, really. Not British, don't have a monarch. And maybe that's the problem. The Kennedy's are all dead, and they were our 'royalty'. So now we need another family like that.


So I think I found an email address for the Imam of the local mosque. I tried to go back to the page I found it on today, but it appears to be having some difficulties. Anyway. Would it be appropriate to email the Imam directly? I wouldn't just email a priest directly...or is that just me?

Another thing is that there's this site called Why Islam that has this 'service' where you can email or call them and they will try to set up a visit to a local mosque. So.

Here's the thing. I'm obsessive. Not OCD, though I joke about that. Just obsessive. I get an idea and sometimes it sticks and it won't go away. At all. This has all the signs of being that.


  1. Yes, I think you should e-mail the imam. Why not? :) I think it's cute that you want to visit the mosque so badly.

    And I'm glad you got to see part of the wedding!

  2. I wonder if this is a case where priests (and maybe imams) are very different from Protestant ministers. I would have absolutely no problem emailing a minister, so it wouldn't occur to me to even wonder whether it was appropriate to email an imam or a priest. Otherwise, the only reason I can think not to is that you say you think you found it. Does that mean it's not actually published in an obvious way to invite emails, but rather something you probably weren't meant to come across? In that case, it might be a little awkward.

    I've had absolutely no interest in this wedding thing, and I really don't understand why other people are interested. But it was on all day at the nursing home where I volunteer, so as I was passing by the activity room at one point, I saw her walking down the aisle. It really was a gorgeous dress.

  3. Susanne,

    Well, that is the question. Why not? Because somewhere inside of me is a voice that says, 'not appropriate!' Parts of my mind are crazy...

  4. sanil,

    Maybe. Or it could just be an experience thing. The church I was raised in, the pastor was very unapproachable, very stand offish. And I think that plays a big part of it. It's not just imams, or priests. Even pastors. I wouldn't think I could just call or email them directly. I'd think they have secretaries or people who do that for them.

    I only say think because I ran across it yesterday right before I left for the day and I am 99% sure that it is the name of the imam they have listed on their website, but the page I found it on doesn't seem to be working today so I can double check myself. It was a page called Hah! Strike that. So the page is working now. It's an 'Islamic finder' page, so some place that Muslims go to to try and find mosques when they're traveling, I assume. It was last updated in December 2010, and the name of the imam is the name they have listed on their site. And it has their website listed as well. So I assume it's something they want published. But since I found it on a Muslim site, maybe they don't want to invite non-Muslims? All I did was google to find it, so it's not like it was secret information...

    Why don't you love our future queen!?! *lol* I really think I just got caught up in the fever at work. Everyone was talking about it. :D I love her dress. It's something I'd wear, if I was getting married. I don't like all the poofy, frilly kinds of dresses.

  5. email. just do it. dont think about it.

    our street party is still raging. I would like to go to bed at a reasonable hour to be able to get up and enjoy more of the long weekend here.

    the dress was stunning.

    Prince Harry needed a hair cut!

    Camilla will never capture my heart.

    Some of the hats were completely crazy. one was so huge that you couldnt see her face. I think she is the new wife of Earl Spencer. Lady Diana's brother.

    Amber, who would you have to replace the Kennedys?

  6. Sure. Or call the mosque, if you can find a number. LOL, Amber, you're so funny!

  7. What is it with you Americans and going crazy about this wedding? lol

    I'm with Sanil, I really don't care very much, I didn't care 6-7 years ago when the Danish crown prince got married either.

    And just email the imam :P

  8. slice,

    I'm trying. Meaning I'm trying to do it without over thinking. Will update as the fight rages on!

    Hah! I loved the dress. Some peoples' outfits were nuts, and the hats! I compare it to the Kentucky Derby over here. Size matters!

    Camilla looked so very *old*. It sort of surprised me. But then again, I still don't get divorcing Diana for Camilla. She just seems to lack personality.

    I don't have any families in mind. No one strikes me as having that same...personality as a family.

  9. Heather,

    I found a number, but it's listed as being the imams number. So...yeah. If I'm floundering about emailing, I'm definitely not able to bring myself to call him directly.

  10. Becky,

    We all secretly long for a monarch? Genetic memory perhaps. *lol*

    Working on it...

  11. Amber, just give me the e-mail address, what you want to say, and I'll send it from my address. There! :)

  12. In light of everything that's going on, now I'm wondering if I should wait for a while. Maybe not the best timing?

  13. Why? Muslims don't like OBL either!

  14. True. I was thinking more that this mosque has had problems with vandalism in the past, so they might be worried about redneck reactions to the news bringing more attention to them. Hell, lets admit that I'm being a worrywart and have at it.

  15. Hmmm.... I have a monarch, I even like our monarch, and our crown prince and princess. I'm not anti-royalist, I just don't really care :P

  16. There's also the part where Disney has made all of us think we need the princess wedding. So that has something to do with it. DAMN YOU DISNEY!

  17. Yeah... I don't like Disney.

  18. Disney is the source of much evil and strife. People don't believe me but it's true!

  19. Yeah, I think my group members wanted to lynch me when I dared to say I generally didn't like the messages in Disney movies.

  20. Disney has ruined so many good stories and given girls these terrible false expectations and hopes. *grr* Your group members have clearly drunk the Kool-Aid.

  21. Yeah they're not fan of my feministic babble as they say... and they also did not like me saying today that I don't approve of the US foreign politics and support of dictatorships across the world, and that half (at least!) of the situation in the Middle East and Afghanistan is due to the US foreign politics over the past 30-50 years. :P

    I mean, it is so obvious when you look at it (very), simplified:

    US backs the Shah of Iran, the people want democracy, they overthrow the Shah, it goes horribly wrong and we get Khomeini and the theocracy. US pays Saddam Hussein and backs him to get power in Iraq and attack Iran. In between he has time to murder lots of Kurds but that doesn't matter as long as he does as the US asks. Then things change and we get the Iraq war.

    During Soviet occupancy of Afghanistan US backs (with weapons and money) militant extremists such as Bin Laden, instead of the more mdoerate and liberal seekers of democracy. They continue to do so after Taliban takes over.

    It's just. I don't claim to have the solution or to know everything, but so many people don't realize these things, or don't care, and then they wonder why so many pepole in these countries hate the US.

    How would you feel if US backed the dictator who abused your people, tortured your father and ensured that you as a woman couldn't get an education?

    Sorry. I'll stop ranting now.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Captcha wants me to take a break: resting

    I kid you not. resting

  22. Ha! Well, I'm not a feminist, and I still think Disney is the root of all evil. So there.

    You know what? I'm an American, and I agree with you. I don't support a lot of the US's foreign policies. Especially in the ME, where all they've done is keep dictators and oppressive regimes in control because it suited *our* greater interests (supposedly) all the while nattering on and on about how we love democracy and freedom and want all the world to be as we are. It's not bad enough that we're helping evil men to oppress and murder their own people by keeping them in power, but we have to go be two face asshats about it too? Being blind to the reality of what we've created isn't doing anyone any good.

    I don't know how to fix any of it either, though. I just know that I don't like it. Which amounts to nothing, really.

    Hmmm...perhaps captcha thinks you've been working too hard? :)

  23. You serious you don't believe in feminism?

    From the dictionary:
    "Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes."

    Hmmm they think I ought to be grateful for what the US did during WWII and stop complaining....

    I just think if something doesn't give soon, we'll be in for some really big problems.

    And yes, like you said, my biggest problem is the hypocrisy of the policy, it really upsets me.

  24. *lol* I believe in feminism. It's not like it's the Easter Bunny or anything...

    But really. I believe in some of the principles. As you defined it, the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. But I wouldn't label myself a feminist. Maybe it's just that I'm too much of a Southern girl? To me feminists are women who don't want men to be what I consider polite to them (on top of the main goal of equality, which I agree with). I expect that, just because I am a woman, men will open doors for me. I'm not offended when one calls me sugar or honey or darling. I expect that when I'm trying to lift something heavy, if there is an able bodied man in the room he will get up off his ass and offer to carry it for me. Not because I'm weak, but because I'm a girl. I expect that men will stop and offer to help me if I'm having trouble with my car or something. Admittedly they should do that for anyone who is having trouble, but *more so* because I'm a girl. I don't want women to be kept from opportunities because they're women, but I also don't want to lose the Southern culture of men being raised to be gentlemen. So I would never label myself a feminist because, to me, that's part of what they stand for.

    You know, WWII was... something else. We did what was right and necessary to stop someone/thing that was truly evil. That doesn't mean that we know best or that we get to play king of the planet. We've got enough problems at home to deal with. And maybe if we stopped trying to run the world we could work on those.

  25. I understand your point, but I think this is exactly why we still need people to say they're feminist, because we haven't achieved those obvious, basic tenets of feminism.

    I believe that woman have the right to be stay-at-home-mums, doctors, nurses, mechanics, businesswomen or whatever else they like. And I believe men have the right to be stay-at-home-dads, doctors, nurses, mechanics, teachers etc.

    I'm not talking about dismantling basic parts of etiquette, but just allowing men and women to live up to their own, full, unique potential.

  26. I see your point, I just can't do it because I have a negative connotation of the term. To me it is about dismantling basic etiquette. That's what I see happening around feminists. They want to be treated like a man. Maybe it's just the ones I've known in life, but that's what I picture when I hear the term. Not distinctly female, but equal, but exactly the same as a man. I don't like that. I would call myself a humanist if anything. I believe that every human has the same rights to equality. Which goes beyond gender terms as well.

  27. Hmmm, well I hope you don't see me like that ;)

    Like I said before, for me, feminism means equal rights for BOTH genders.

    Also, if you want to talk about Southern gentlemen, one of my good friends is from Tennessee and he's a feminist and a true gentleman, so it is possible to have both :)

    And I do understand why you think it has some negative connotations, but that's exactly why I want to call myself a feminist, and bring it back to the root of the word, because when women stop calling themself feminist, you usually also start to accept status quo.

  28. Well, no. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course. :)

    I understand your stance, and your point, I'm just not sure I'll be able to swallow my negative impressions and call myself a feminist. I stick with humanist, because it includes everyone, even those who may not fall under the classic gender definitions.


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