Friday, April 15, 2011

oddly pleased, take 2

I'm such a stalker. I just drove by the mosque at lunch.

Ignore me and my freakishness, please...


  1. Too bad there's not an "EPIC LIKE" button on Blogger. ;D

    You can do it, Amber! Go for it!

  2. I made you one, Heather. :D

    Can't do it. Can't. I fail so much...

  3. I wanted to see inside a Greek orthodox church. As I wanted to see the icons etc. They always locked the door so you couldnt get in.

    I mentioned to a friend at work. and she said to me "OMG my husband is Greek, that is his church. I will ring his mum and when they do the flowers you we will go with her".

    I have never seen anything like it, before. All the gold and the pictures. The light was just so that all the gold shone and I can believe that is what a heavenly light would be... if you want to go in you should just ask. nothing ventured nothing gained.

    are you looking to just see what it is like? or do you want lessons and discussion?

    I think that is a little different. as maybe someone could introduce you? and go with you?

  4. Would your friend go with you?

  5. slice,

    Orthodox churches really are gorgeous. :D

    I think I'd like to see what it's like, and maybe also take a class, if they have them. But they don't list anything. It's possible they just haven't gotten the info up to the site yet.

    See, that's the thing. I don't have anyone to introduce me. Yes, I could call the Imam, I guess. But I won't. Because it seems inappropriate to me.

  6. Susanne,

    I doubt it. She's very much not into religion at all.

  7. arrrrgh I hate that. blogger just ate my comment. I hate using a dongle for my internet..

    anyways I was saying

    maybe see if there is a woman going in. and ask her. if they think you are converting/reverting, for sure they will let you in and then see about lessons...

    maybe google and see if they are lessons in a mosque that is closeby. no doubt if the have a good website you can email and ask. and they may know the Imam etc there.

    or bite the bullet and email the mosque directly.

    if they havent an email address is there an email address for the web designer? email them and ask if they have an email address. see where that takes you.

    are you thinking about converting? Rude of me to ask. but there maybe a course like the Alpha course that they hol in the UK...

  8. slice,

    What's a 'dongle'? In other news, yeah, blogger eating comments is a p.i.t.a.

    A good suggestion, but then I'd *really* feel like a stalker! :D The other thing is I don't want to mislead anyone. So letting them think I'm converting would be out of the question.

    There's only the one mosque nearby, and I haven't been able to find any info on lessons there.

    I'd love to email the mosque, only they don't have an email contact listed! The only contact info listed is the Imam's phone number. And I don't feel right calling him. It's a weird me thing.

    I don't see any email addresses for the web designers.

    It's not rude to ask. No, I'm not thinking of converting. I'd just like to take classes, if they have them. I'll keep checking the site and looking for classes. If they have them, they have to advertise them somehow...

  9. gosh thats a hard one. I am not sure where you can go from there... hopefully they will put more on the website

  10. Yup. I'm just going to keep watching and waiting...

  11. a dongle is how I connect to the internet. it is from a mobile phone chip/sim card, inside. it picks up the signal like a mobile phone. it looks like a memory stick, about 3 inchs long and I connect it by a USB port

    we dont own this house so we havent been allowed to add a satelite dish or cable. so we feel very internet and tv channel poor. as we only pick up 5 channels of tv from the TV aerial. lol a year and 2 months like this. hopefully all will change soon


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