Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, did I mention that I work at a newspaper? Did I? Yeah. It's this place where reporters work and then we print things. I was talking to the woman who does the religious news (shes a friend) and we were talking about stalking. So I told her the story about me stalking the mosque. And she laughed and said yeah, there's never anyone there and they're very insular because they're in a very conservative (Christian) area and had some trouble with vandalism, etc. years back. So they don't ever advertise anything that they do. And the idea is basically, 'the people who need to be here know how to get here'. Which, I laughed and said, 'Yeah, I know how to get there. The question is if I *should* get there!'

But the upshot of it all is that she knows two guys people who do a lot in the community and are Muslims and is going to find me the email for one of them who she swears won't mind me emailing him to ask if I can visit or if there are any classes, etc. She thinks that they hold classes on learning Arabic and about the Middle East and about Islam at our cultural center, but she's not sure on times or anything.

PS: I made ticky boxes at the bottom of the posts. Use them, people. Can't have all that hard work going to waste... ;-p


  1. awesome!! If they are anything like Samer,they will be so happy to hear from you! :)

    And I made use of the boxes on the most recent posts...enjoy. :)

  2. Funny yet true, one of them is named Samar. She's a woman, but at first I thought the name was Samer and I thought of your Samer!

    Thank you! I was beginning to think no one appreciated my ticky boxes!

  3. Did you e-mail anyone? Hear anything? Yeah, when you said "guys" I thought males, but maybe Samar will become a friend.

    Hope you are doing OK. Have a good Easter weekend.

    Love ya, Lil' Sis who likes hiding in forts when I tease her too much. :)

  4. Not yet. My friend from work hasn't given me the email yet. She said it would take her a few days to get it to me - she's really very busy, and I don't mind waiting.

    I originally thought they were two men, when I thought she'd said Samer. I should edit the post for that. :) I only figured it out after I stumbled onto an old newspaper article with the man's name that she gave me and realized that the woman standing next to him, named Samar, must have been who she meant. :)

    Ah, yes. I've taken this weekend off. No yardwork for me! And the gym's closed tomorrow, so I'm just going to be lazy...



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