Monday, April 11, 2011

It's All Because We're So Very Freaking Special

Random weird thoughts! Be prepared.

So, let's assume that there is no god. Or at least not one that is actively involved in humanity/the universe. Meaning that if there is an intelligent, creative force behind the universe, it kicked everything into motion and then tottered off to do something else. Therefore, all 'revelation' is man made. Got it?

Okay. So we're the ones writing every religious text ever. There's no divine mandate, nothing. It's just people. Why do we write religious texts? Hell, why did we invent a personal god to begin with?

Because humans are imaginative. We look around us and don't just focus on survival, food, shelter, etc. We wonder 'why' and 'how'.

We see the world around us and the plants and the animals and we feel that we are vastly superior to all of them. The animals, after all, while adapted to their lifestyle and their environment, have never learned to speak. To have societies, build tools (ignoring the animals that do, in fact, use primitive tools), have written language. They do not express themselves as we do, they do not seem to feel as we do. I don't speak of nerves and pleasure/pain responses, but emotions. We anthropomorphise many animals, saying that they mourn, etc. etc. and some do, in their own fashion. But it's not like *us*. We're superior.

So we've been looking around since we figured out how to and wondering how did this all get here. Why is it that we're so vastly superior to everything else, but we can't control the weather, or the ocean. Why do we get sick and die? Why are we superior to all the other creatures? Why can't they do what we did and evolve into better species? Why why why...

And we invent a being that is like us, but superior to us. And of course, because we're the highest form of life, it must be personally invested in us. So why wouldn't it want to talk to us? To tell us about itself and our origins and what we need to do to become ever more superior? And people start having visions and revelations from the creating being, and eventually it all gets written down, etc. and we wind up with religious texts and rules ad nauseum. Also, someone along the lines figures out that people are herd animals and we all want to belong. Religion is a great way of controlling people, so they roll with it.

But then, if we're inventing the divine because we're convinced of our own greatness, why are we constantly being chastised in the religious texts? The fall of the world being blamed on humanity, sinful, etc.

Well, because we're the center of the freaking universe, of course!

It is, literally, all about *us*. The divine made this perfect world, made us perfect, but because of our amazing powers of us-ness, we screwed it all up. How could we screw up the perfection? See above, about us being the center of the universe.


  1. I think God inspires people but He is capable of inspiring anyone. Does that make me self-obsessed? Now I'm paranoid :D

  2. But if it's all about us, then I'm not gonna label MY sins as wrong. I am going to deem them right! (And make sure my Holy Book knows it!) Shoot, what's wrong with sleeping around if it makes me feel good? What's wrong with flirting with men when I'm married? I like men! I like flirting! I like being lazy while everyone else works to support my wishes and takes care of my needs. Nothing wrong with that because the universe revolves around me. Wow, can you imagine if each of us had this mindset? actually I think we do. We are very selfish creatures really.

    Nice muse.

  3. Suroor,

    I agree. If God is going to speak to people, He can speak to anyone and everyone He so chooses. Maybe He speaks to everyone, it's just not always spectacular in fashion?

    You're no more self-obsessed than any other human on the planet. Probably far less than many! :)

  4. Susanne,'ve just described humanity and their view on everything. Congratulations for proving my point! :D

    Humans = selfish herd animals convinced of their own innate superiority to everything else on the planet.

  5. yeah, i guess I proved your point, but MY point was that I would in no way consider my sins, sins if I ruled the world.

    Which means...if you are right, then someone is ruling me that is no better than me and I am a fool for letting them deny me what I really want to do.

    I guess that's my fault for going along with the herd.

    Excuse me while I go pout about this! Heartache!

  6. But you don't rule the world and you're not self aware enough to realize that it is, in fact, just you keeping yourself under crazy rules. See?

    'If'? 'If' I'm right? You forget to whom you are speaking! I am *always* right. Even when you disagree with me. *cough*Prince and the fox...*cough*

    *offers you Peeps to make you feel better*

  7. Well, thanks to you I am more self-aware. To hell with all the rules! I'm living for meeeeeeeeeee! :)

    Ah Peeps? i much prefer Hershey's
    Special Dark some?


  8. ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, prince and fox...I'd forgotten! Thanks for reminding me that I was right and you were just ... odd.

  9. Susanne,

    *hands you a bar of dark chocolate*

    You need to experience the joy that is Peeps. Marshmallowy goodness!

  10. My neighbors roasted Peeps last year when they realized they didn't have regular marshmallows for everyone to roast over their fire pit. Those that tried them said they were better than regular marshmallows. :)

    My word: hyper. Though I am not a hyper person, but maybe that dark chocolate will do the trick. Thanks! It's yummy! :-9


    The highlight of the Easter candy!

    Of course they were better than regular marshmallows. They had *sugar* on them too!

    Eat enough chocolate and Peeps and you will by hyper. I'm telling you, the captcha is watching us!


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