Sunday, April 24, 2011

VBV - Ch. 3

Not much to say about this chapter. It's about famous women in Islam. The thing I find ironic is the book goes on and on about how oppressed women are and have always been under Islam, but then it devotes a whole chapter to women who were a big deal in Islam and makes a point of saying that these are only a few examples out of thousands.

I don't deny that there are women who are oppressed under the name of Islam. But that's not anything new, or anything that belongs only to Islam. Women are oppressed or have been oppressed under pretty much every theology or philosophy known to have ever exist. But the authors' goal is obviously to make Islam out to be terrible and awful and something that people need to be rescued from. The hilarious and sad thing is that they so far fail in their purpose all on their own. Which is not to say that people don't fall for this crap, of course.


  1. yes, I think they thought they found a good market for peddling this type of material so people in the West would fear those evil Muslims!

    Actually there is a guy who wants shariah to spread here, but thankfully he is an American who decided to live in Saudi Arabia. If Saudi wants shariah, fine. But really I'd rather not have it here. I understand he thinks it is from God and I'm sure there are many GOOD aspects of it. But I just dont' want it in the US.

  2. You know that saying, 'sex sells'? Well, so does fear. And we've got plenty of that, to go along with ignorance. And there are certain people, certain groups within the American culture who do their best to feed that fear, foster it and pour fuel on it. These people are among them.

    I wouldn't want to live under shariah either. Any interpretation of it. You know my stance. Religion and government should be two separate entities. Religion should most definitely never be used to run a country because it always winds up discriminating against people based on their faith.


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