Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie: The Conspirator + Shopping

We went and saw The Conspirator today. The movie is historical fiction, based on the tale of Mary Surratt. Who is Mary Surratt, you say? Well, she was the woman who was executed for being a conspirator in the assassination of President Lincoln and the attempted assassinations of Vice President Johnson and the Secretary of State.

It's one of those historical issues where we'll never know the truth of the matter. Mary Surratt was a Southern widow who ran a boarding house. It was in her house that the conspiracy was hatched. Her son was a very close friend of John Wilkes Booth and was also accused. He, however, managed to escape. The government arrested and tried Mary Surratt as a conspirator, arguing that she not only could not have not known what was being plotted, but that she was an active participant.

The conspirator's were tried under a military tribunal and all nine of the members captured (Booth was killed while they were trying to capture him and John Surratt had escaped) were hung for it.

The irony is that, by the time John Surratt turned himself in over a year after the death of his mother, the Supreme Court had passed a law that declared that civilians deserved a civilian trial even in times of war. So he received a jury trial and the jurors were unable to come to a verdict, setting him free.

After the movie we went shopping, and I got a new purse. You can see the new one on the left, and the one it is replacing on the right. Hah. My friend Eve has been trying to get me to buy a new purse for years. But I didn't want to give up my ratty old messenger bag. But she finally convinced me, because she told me how much she wanted to turn me over to the What Not to Wear people. :D

Also, I bought a new top and a new skirt. The best part of the skirt?

It's a size 16. Do the happy dance!

Also, my cat followed me around so she could be in all the pictures. :)

Hmph. I'm reading Voices Behind the Veil right now, and it is the worst book about Islam I've ever read. I can't decide if I should go through it and explain how wrong it is, or just wait until the end and do a general, 'this book sucks' post.


  1. loving the bag and your skirt/shirt combo.

  2. slice,

    I'm having trouble finding things in the bag. It's the adjustment period.

    The funniest part is, everyone is like, 'Oh, thank GOD!' that the old bag is gone. Well, why didn't anyone say anything before? Huh? :p

    I'm wearing my new outfit today. :D

  3. The movie sounds good!

    And I like your new purse. How cute that you bought it for the sake of your friend's threat. ;)

    Nice outfit! You have a cheery room and the cat is a great addition!

    Oh, is that the book by Ergun Caner? I really hate when people misrepresent Islam. I'm finding myself defensive for a religion I don't even believe in! Irony! But I can't stand to be misrepresented myself thus I cannot stand it about others.

    You could do a general "it sucks" post, but maybe give a few examples why. Unless you want to share more frequently. I'm fine either way. :D

  4. It was a really good movie. :)

    Hah! I bought it because I really needed it, but yes. To avoid being turned over to the tv people.

    Yeah, that's the one.

  5. Love the bag! And the outfit :D

    I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on the book... though the mere title is a turn off, I'm sick and tired of articles/movies/books/documentaries that use some cliché form of "behind the veil" bla bla bla.

  6. Becky,

    Thanks! I like them too. Though I keep going into the wrong pocket in the purse looking for things. Very annoying.

    It's a terrible book. I picked it up maybe three, four years ago, when I first started looking into Islam. It claimed to be a book about Muslim women from a woman's perspective. What I failed to realize was that the woman's perspective it was from was Evangelical Christian women whose only goal was to share the 'light and love' of Christ with their poor oppressed and damned Muslim acquaintances. The book is supposed to teach Christian women about the 'reality' of Islam so they understand the mindset of the people they're trying to rescue.

    I half want to go chapter by chapter through the thing. It's just so aggravating to see the writer's take bits and pieces, our of context or twisting what they're supposed to mean and claiming that that's Islam. By all means, disagree with Islam (or anything, really), but disagree with it based on what it really says, not the straw man version of it you've created.


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