Saturday, April 30, 2011


I just caught the tail end of a commercial on Starz for Torwhood: Miracle Day.

WTF is this? Is this the 'American Torchwood' I've heard about and been ignoring?


  1. Yes. Why, did it look semi decent?

  2. I don't know. I literally caught the title card at the beginning of a movie I recorded earlier in the week and just got around to watching. I'm going to go look for commercials now. I just didn't think the show was going to be on Starz, so I was confused. It's easy to do. :)

  3. Well, I found the teaser on youtube. It's here:

    And it shows nothing. However, I like Starz original series. I'm really enjoying Camelot. So I may have to give this a chance.

  4. Yep American Torchwood is coming....not too pleased. But it cant be worse than American Skins >_<

  5. LK,

    Have you seen any clips? I haven't, because I thought it was still going to be on Fox, and well, they tend to be douches. So. I intend to give it a chance, especially since I still feel screwed over by COE. Brilliant, but.

    I never watched either version of Skins. What hurts me is that apparently America cannot come up with our own cool shows. We have to remake/steal Britains. We're losing the entertainment race!

  6. LOL we already lost the race. No I haven't found a clip myself but when I worked in PR we worked for BBC. It was a hot topic of discussion, all the remakes. America basically bought the scripts for seasons 1 of a few shows and re-filmed. Its quite sad.

    The American Being Human made me cry. The vampire isnt even hot LOL

  7. I must disagree. I find the American vampire in Being Human hotter than the BBC one. I don't find him attractive at all.


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