Friday, April 15, 2011

SPN - My Heart Will Go On

With a title like that, even without the summary on my dvr, you know it's gonna be about the Titanic. Also, YAY BALTHAZAR! My third fave angel on the show.


I- I- this is going to kill me, isn't it? They're going to be back and then die again. Damn you writers!

Bobby! I mourn your old man romance's doom!

Who wants to bet the garage door kills this guy?

Duh. Okay, so, theory. Because Balthazar did the thing I know he did from the preview, Death is running around killing people to fix all the shit.

It's the plot to Final Destination. Only with hotter guys.

Hey! Dean won rock paper scissors! Yay Dean! You've learned a lesson!


See, see, they're back and holy shit, are they gonna put Bobby and Ellen together? I think my head will explode.

Yep. Yep.


If you hear a dripping sound, that's my brain, coming off the ceiling. Pay it no mind.

Oh, Dean only won rock paper scissors because this is alterna-world.

Hello blonde woman. Death's accountant?

Lady, that scarf was a real unfortunate choice. And that's why I'm glad women don't wear ties. Too many office hazards.

Funny story, so, somewhere in the interviews on my Supernatural dvd's there's a story Kripke told about how he decided on the boys driving an Impala. He was talking to a neighbor, telling him about this show he was writing. Two brothers, crossing the country in a classic Mustang. And the neighbor, a muscle car guy, said that was a fine car. For a pussy. If Kripke wanted a monster car, something that looked like it would beat other cars up, then he needed a '67 Impala. And thus, we got the Impala. So I'm guessing the Mustang is a nod to that.


"Because that God awful Celine Dion song made me want to smite myself!" ILU Balthazar. So freaking hard.

"Oh, oh, sorry. You have me confused with the other angel. You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you." *looks at Dean* Yes...we all know you're jealous, Balthazar.

Oh, Fate. So not Death. Hi Fate! Hmmm...Atropos? She's the one who does the cutting. But she's not usually cute.


Okay, and the commercial for the finale of Smallville made me squee.

Irony... I thought it was funny, Dean.

Oh, Cas. I love you. Yes, the boys may have pissed Fate off. Just a tad. Probably gave her an ulcer before that.

Ellen. I miss you so much. I do.

I love this song!

Ha! Atropos is adorable! Reminds me of Sheila from DF. And we all know how well she turned out...

"But freedom is more preferable." I hate that sentence.

And Atropos is a little OCD.

Oh! Oh! Atropos is a disgruntled worker!

And Cas is a sneaky pants!

I really do like Atropos. And I wanna meet her sisters...

Hello Baby! We've missed you! *huggles the Impala*

"You killed 50,000 people for us." No, just for Dean. And really, it was just because Atropos had him over a barrel and wasn't going for the lube.

Cas, you are a terrible liar. Terrible. Dean, Sam - you're idiots. ID. I. OTS.

So cute, Dean and Sam with Bobby. Who is their Daddy. Best parent they've ever had. *pouts*

preview: Cowboys? I like. *waggles eyebrows*


  1. ...I cheated, so I knew...but before I cheated, I had no idea this would be about the Titanic. *facepalm* I'm so bad at those little references. Oh well.

    I love the Mustang story/explanation. :) Makes sense.

    So looking forward to Smallville. That might mean I have to keep looking forward to it for awhile, until I can catch up enough to have a handle on what's going on. I probably won't, though. Because, you know. Rosenbaum.

  2. I am ashamed of you! Ashamed! Why do you not fill your head with useless bits of trivia as I do? :)

    I am torn between being pleased that I got the reference and frightened since I haven't watched that bit of commentary in years.

    My head spun when I saw Lex. It makes me so freaking happy! Now if they just get Clark off the fucking ground and flying and give me my goddamn Batman! I will be happy. The last ep, with Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle also made me happy, but really. You've given me all the heroes ever, basically, but no Batman!


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