Friday, April 29, 2011

SPN - Mommy Dearest

Title is a ref. to Joan Crawford and her uh, special child rearing tactics, I'm sure.


That line alone is what will get you killed.

I am overly amused that the background music for the bar scene was 'I Believe in Miracles'.

Dean, man, if you're human, why would it work on you?

I- the- the LOOK when Cas stopped saying- I- *dies of slashy glee*

Hi Tara! Lenore!

Oh, yeah. No one saw this coming. *rolls eyes*

Good boy Cas. Also, that was a tad cold. The whole, 'we needed to movie this along'.

'smitey mcsmiterdon'

Good going Dean, now Cas is pouting.

Well that was easy.

Dean - 'tough love', not always the answer.


Dean saved his boyfriend!

The kids are totally plants....

Uh. I don't really have a lot to say, obviously. I'm too busy staring at the tv. Crowley caused this? That is...kind of ironic. And amusing.

Also, I love Mary Winchester's actresses.

Is Eve lying or on crack? Or is Crowley really alive?

*ponders* Is Cas doing something with the souls in heaven?

I really do like Eve. I mean, she's not a nice...let's go with 'person', but I like her. I like her...

The kids. What'd I say? Yeah. That's right. Kids are evil. Supernatural has proved this.

Boys, just work for the mother of all monsters. Okay?

Noo.....that was way too easy. She can't be dead!

Dear Supernatural - please to stop killing off the cool female characters. Kay?

Crowley? Wait, does Meg still have Cas' sword? That'd explain the stab wound...

Not that Cas' sword is the only thing that can kill monsters, just I don't remember Meg giving it back.

Unless Cas and Crowley are working together. Huh. Maybe...all those souls...yeah. To win the war, I could see it.

CROWLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *is dead from glee*

preview: *flail* that is all


  1. She can't be dead! If she was dead, the season would be over! And it's not! For further proof: If she was dead, I would be sad. But clearly, with Crowley still alive, I am not only not-sad, I am incredibly through-the-roof happy! So she must be alive! Like Crowley!

    And of course, all of the above is proof that the writers love us a lot and want us to be happy. Yep.

    For an episode that didn't have a lot of Dean and Cas together and no sweet conversations I can remember, it was incredibly slashy. They have never come across quite so much like a couple, albeit one in a bickery mood for the moment. I am pleased. :)

  2. Actually, the way they seem to be setting it up, Crowley will be the big bad of the season and they have to stop him. So the season could go on. But then, like you said. If she's dead, I will be sad.

    But the Crowley thing makes up for it. Now I just need them to bring Gabriel back at the end of next weeks ep to smack the crap out of everyone and take over.

    Oh, yes. The Dean/Cas is evident. They're fighting, but still couple-y.

  3. Huh. I didn't see him as the villain. At all. But I'm twisted like that and never do. :D In that case...she turned out to be pretty disappointing for a character with so much buildup. :(

    Maybe Raphael is the big bad of the season? I could see that a little more easily. Big bads get killed! Crowley is not dying again!

  4. Hah! Well, he's a lovable villain. I don't want him to die either. They have a lot of options for the Big Bad, so maybe Crowley will get a pass. I'm hoping for more of the mother, for all the reasons you've said.


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