Monday, April 4, 2011

Freaky Happening!

This is a funny story.

So, yesterday, while I was waiting for Myrddin to get his new tires, I went and saw the movie Insidious. Not particularly scary, but it was about a haunting. So I was in the ghost-y state of mind.

Around 7 pm or so, I was getting ready to change out the cat litter boxes. I brought the big bag of litter into the house and set it down next to the kitchen counter so I could get the garbage bags out from under the sink. As I'm bent over, pulling the bags out, I see the lid of our kitchen trash s l o w l y start to rise. So there I am, crouched over, looking at it and going, 'Oh crap!'

And then I realized that I'd set the bag of litter partially on the little pedal that raises the can lid. So as it settled, the lid was raised. Slowly. :D


  1. hilarious. I would of screamed and ran right out of there

  2. Hahaha, awesome.

    Totally unrelated story - my mom was being terrorized by some kind of animal in our house the other day. It turned out to be a SQUIRREL! I love squirrels. Too bad I go to school out of state and didn't see it.

  3. You and your freaky stories! :-D

  4. slice,

    *lol* If the kitty litter hadn't been there, where I realized it right away, there would have been some very swift exiting the room!

  5. sanil,



    They're so cute!

    So, funny story. A woman who used to work here was telling me this. Her husband used to be an airline pilot, so he was away a lot. Well, she had three little kids, and was a stay at home mom. The book The Exorcist had just come out, and she was reading it. So she gets to this part where the scratching in the attic starts in the story, and she's sitting there, reading in the middle of the day.

    And she starts to hear this scratching noise in the attic over her head. So she stops, and the noise stops. She assumes it must have been a tree branch or something, so she goes back to reading. Well, a few minutes later, it starts up again. Louder, and moving all over the attic. So she drops the book, grabs the kids, and runs down to a friends house. And she and her friend stay there with their kids until the friends' husband gets home and they send him over to the house to check it out.

    Turns out it was a squirrel in the attic. :D He caught it, let it out and patched up the hole it had gotten in through and the woman never finished the book or saw the movie.

  6. Susanne,

    It's an awesome story! :)

  7. Yay! More awesome stories! :D That is hilarious and adorable. I so need a pet squirrel.

  8. We had someone come into the paper the other day who had two sugar gliders as pets! He had them with him and they were so freaking adorable! I want one!

    But my cats and the dogs would eat them....


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