Friday, April 22, 2011

SPN - Frontierland

It's like a theme park! Yay!

Ooohhh...I remember that place!

Hullo...why doesn't Cas just say 'timey wimey'?

Have I mentioned that I like the woman they've got playing Eve-Mommy?

Is Dean scamming in the Old West? Otherwise, how'd he get to be sheriff?

:D I like when they do fun things with the title cards on eps.

They're fanboying Samuel Colt. I find this cute.

I- I- Bobby watched DS9! Come to me you beautiful man!

Dean 'praying' to Cas is always funny.

Hey, who's the secretary?

And, now I love her. Go Rachel! Hey, Cas, no. This was a necessary ass chewing. They needed it! *sigh* Cas, man. Someone needs to get you into relationship therapy.

'Is it customary to wear a blanket?' :D

Dean is such a nerd.

'you know what that is? AUTHENTICITY!' Dean = awesome fanboy.

Who wants to bet the guy they just hung is the phoenix?

I love Dean's little pout when his blanket doesn't make him fit in.

Hah! Oh, the theme of terrible aliases continues.

Once again, Dean gets pegged as gay. No, no, don't read into that at all.

Poor Dean, his little fantasy's getting all messed up by reality.

Yeah. Wow. *That* was such a hard thing to guess. *rolls eyes*

Ooohhh..commerical for Smallville's finale. HI LEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean has such a devilish little grin, there. Yes, we got all your 'possy' puns, Dean.

I think Sam is almost as tall as that horse. Go Gigantor!


We're passing out, apparently. Poor Cas. I mean, I suspect he's been doing something naughty and morally gray on the dark side of that gray, but whatever. I love Cas.

Hey, maybe they can bring Gabriel back to kick everyone's ass and take over since everyone else is clearly a moron.

And *that*'s how Dean becomes sheriff.

*giggle* Blazing Saddles reference!

'a giant from the future with some magic brick' *rofl*

'I'm either too drunk or not drunk enough.' I have had that though quite often.

*cringes* Oh, Cas that...that's very demonic. I mean, we know that the whole demons are the merger of human souls and archangelic power thing is true, but how do you think that got started? Yeah. Lucifer started reaching out and touching peoples SOULS, sucking off energy.

Ah. Yeah, you know, I'd let the Phoenix torch this guy. On general principles.

Why;s Bobby always the one paying for the boys? Oh, yeah. Responsible adult. Also, the boys are kind of dicks.

Cas is gonna yank them out before they get the Phoenix. I kind of hope the guy lives. I like him. *pout* Okay, well, run and scoop up some dead man! Now!

Told you....

Ah! Oh, hah! Go Samuel Colt! Too funny!

preview: not a clue. I mean, yeah, Mommy and there's Cas all covered in blood. And that's all I've got.


  1. Dean did look much better without the blanket. It's for the best. :D I still felt sad for him.

    Oh wow, he is as tall as that horse!!! Sheesh. Stop growing now, Jared.

    Not to anything you wrote, but "tell it to the judge" was a pretty good line. :D

    I really really want to believe Gabriel's still alive. They gave us Crowley, we're halfway there!

    Yeah, the Sams' conversation was hilarious and awesome.

    Am I the only one who thinks that when Cas is running from the phoneix, right before Sam shows up, at least part of him is thinking "THIS IS SO COOL!"? :D

    And now I'm all caught up! Yay!

  2. It's true. No one looks good in a poncho. I just felt sad for his fanboy dreams. :)

    He is! It's *scary*!

    One of the women at work believes that this entire season is a Trick. That Gabriel is alive and messing with them and at the end he's going to show up, drop them all back into reality, moon them, holler 'SUCKERS!' and poof away, laughing.

    Am I the only one who thinks that when Cas is running from the phoneix, right before Sam shows up, at least part of him is thinking "THIS IS SO COOL!"? :D

    I'm going to assume you meant Dean and say, NO. No, you were not the only one thinking that. :D

  3. ...*facepalm* Yes, yes I did. Dean, not Cas. Maybe he was on screen when I wrote that or something? *shrugs*

    Also, I like the trick theory. :D I thought that early on but now I like what's going on too much...because I am twisted and like that Cas (I actually meant that this time!) is going a little dark.

  4. *lol* Cas is in your mind!

    I like that they're giving Cas some more depth, and I think next week is going to be all about Cas, so I'm loving that.


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