Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can't Sleep - Too Much Pain

Seriously, what the hell? I cannot remember the last time I was hurting so badly that I literally could not sleep. It *might* have been when I had to have surgery several years ago. And then I had an open freaking wound the size of a fist gouged out of my lower back. So I think that was understandable. Not so much right now. It *hurts* to swallow. The Robitussin is keeping me from having to cough, which is great, but it's gotten worse so it hurts to swallow and my upper throat is just pretty much a raw ache all the time now. I'm still not congested, really. My nose is a tiny bit stuffy, off and on, but since my throat is swollen I'm half convinced that the stuffiness in my nose is caused by that somehow. I just broke down and decided to take something for the pain, Ibuprofen or whatever, but hey, guess what? I apparently live in the only house around that doesn't have any bloody Asprin or Advil or Aleve or ANYTHING! I did finally find two Aleve in my purse, though who knows how long they've been in there, but I took them because I need *something*. It's 3 in the morning, and I've just finished looking up my symptoms. So I'm now convinced I might have strep throat. Oh, what fresh hell. I'm going to have to call my friends and cancel going to the movies this afternoon. I'm going to have to miss church and the gym. I think I'm going to have to call off work on Monday, call and cancel my yearly eye exam and get my doctor to squeeze me in. Ugh and crap.


  1. Oh no! Strep throat IS really painful.Do you have any white spots in your throat that you can tell? Sometimes they are absent and you still have strep, but a lot of times you can see these. A dose or two of antibiotics usually makes you feel much better quickly so don't cancel too much unless all that you mentioned was today. Hey, maybe you need a day to just rest. Hugs! I hope you feel better very soon.

    I wonder if eating a spoonful of raw honey would soothe your throat. That's about the only time I drink hot tea with honey...when my throat is hurting. Though I've not had strep in over ten years.

    Get better soon!

  2. :( You could get Cepticol or tylenol sore throat. Both come in a spray. Also, Secrets lozenges work amazing. They num the throat. Drinking anything usually helps too but it sounds like that might be counter productive in this case :(

    Feel better

  3. hope the dr can see you! hope you are feeling a little better

  4. Susanne,

    Yeah, I think it really is. I can't see any white spots, but I can see that my throat is really swollen. :(

    I've got to cancel my trainer on Monday (already did) and my eye exam is Monday at 3pm so I'll need to do that first thing tomorrow morning and reschedule it. I've already called off of work because if it is strep then I'm contagious until 48 hours after the first dose of antibiotics.

    I've never had strep before. I'm very unhappy about this whole thing. 28 and strep throat? There's something wrong here...

  5. LK,

    My mom actually brought me Cepacol cough drops. I just took one and it's turned my mouth and throat numb. It's kind of cool. I'm all drugged up here...

    Drinking actually does help a little, but it has to be something thick so it coats my throat. So oj or milk. Each of which has their own problems since oj is acidic and milk makes phlegm which makes me have to cough. That's probably tmi, sorry.

    Thanks. I'm hoping this all goes away magically over night. Doubtful, but hoping. :)

  6. slice,

    Thanks, me too. My doctor's usually very good, so I'm hopeful he'll squeeze me in asap tomorrow. I'm going to call his office first thing.

  7. Oh no! Sometimes even Aspirin doesn't work. Oh I'm so sorry.

    Maybe gargling with warm water and salt is the best option.

    Get well soon, Amber!

  8. Suroor,

    It doesn't make all the pain go away, but it does take a bit of the edge off. Turns out we do have some Aspirin, but I just didn't see it at 3 in the morning. Can't imagine why....

    I didn't think about gargling with warm water and salt. I might try that in a little bit.


  9. Gargling with warm water and Melaluca (tea tree) oil works well, too. I hope you feel better soon, Amber! What a drag to be sick and have to cancel fun plans. : /

  10. I hope you feel better soon.A friend of mine had a strep throat this past week and she really had a very hard time.

    And guess what? There is no aspirin or anything of the sort in our house as well. And both my mother and her hausband are doctors... What can you say...

    Get well


  11. Heather,

    I didn't have any tea tree oil, but I did wind up doing some gargling with warm water and salt, and that seemed to help a bit.

    Yeah. We were supposed to go see the new Harry Potter movie. :( At least it'll still be there next weekend though.

  12. Athena,

    Apparently it's going around around here at least. My doctor looked at me and said, 'You're a victim too, huh?'

    Oh, well now I feel better about my house. If a doctor's house doesn't have any then I feel less like an idiot! :)



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