Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Considering Cheating

On my first loves, my books. The good, hard, in your hand, paper and glue and ink kind. I love them. Everything about them. I really, really do. But I'm kind of starting to love the idea of a Kindle too.

There're still authors that I would buy in hardcopy as well. Actually there's one that I'd be buying three times if I did wind up getting a Kindle. Damn you Jim Butcher! Damn you and your genius! I have to have you in hard cover, audio book and *maybe* e-book. Oh, wait, actually Butcher makes it up to four, if we include Kindle, since I'm buying the graphic novels too. Um. Yeah. YAY BUTCHER! *lights another candle to Butcher and studies the Word of Jim*

Obsessed? Who me?

Anyway. I shall ponder this weighty question some more.


  1. How I love your dramatic flair! :) Cheater!

  2. I've been considering a kindle but I'm not sure if my eyes would like to read a bright screen for a long time. I wish I could try one out for a few weeks just to see if I get headaches.

  3. Susanne,

    My life is totally lacking in drama, so I have to invent my own! :)

    It's not even cheating. It's like I'm considering leaving my husband for another, younger man! *lol* :D

  4. Michelle,

    A friend of mine is getting herself one, which is what brought this on. She's going to let me play with it when she gets it so I can check it out for myself. It won't help you know if you'd get headaches with it over longer periods of time, but I'll definitely tell you guys what I think of it.

    Supposedly, according to Amazon's page, it reads just like paper, so there's no glare and I would assume no bright screen shine. But we'll see.


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