Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10

I'm alternating between writing action in the middle of the fic and porn at the end of the fic. So on the one hand someone just tried to kill Harry, and on the other hand Marcone and Harry are having smexy times.

Is it weird that Harry still calls Marcone 'Marcone' in bed?


  1. The whole relationship is weird. :D That is not a pairing I ever thought of. But that's what makes it fun! I almost think it'd be weirder if he called him "John," really. It always seems bizarre when someone always goes by their last name (or a nickname), and once a couple starts dating, the other half of the couple immediately and exclusively starts using the first name. Harry knows him as Marcone. I'd think it would take awhile to start using his first name on a regular basis.

  2. Really? The Marcone/Harry just sort of speaks to me. :) But really I don't do anything without a slash pairing. All my books, tv shows, movies. All of them. There's a comm for Marcone/Harry too. :) Come to the dark side!

    See, that's what I thought too. Harry only calls Marcone 'John' when he's needling him. It just feels weird for me to have him calling him 'John' in such an intimate setting. Marcone is just...his name. Between them it's not impersonal anymore.

  3. *definitely does not ship Harry/Thomas 'cause that would be bad* :D

    No, actually I just don't often ship characters from books. I don't know why, but almost all my pairings come from TV shows.

  4. Dude. Fandom has made me able to justify so many things within the context of fic. :)

    I think shows are easier because it's such a fast moving visual medium. With books you can take your time and we get so much more of the reasoning and drive behind the actions of characters. We don't get internal dialogue in tv for the most part. So there's more ambiguity to work with.


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