Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Is Not Acceptable!

Somehow I wound up on this site: No Longer Quivering. It's women who have left the Quiverfull movement. Their stories. Interesting stuff. Disturbing much of the time, but interesting.

So I was reading this one story and the woman said that she and her husband were driving away from their wedding and he planted his hand on her breast. And would not remove it. Not even when she asked him to. When she told him that it made her uncomfortable. When she tried to physically *remove* his hand, he just pushed harder. And he told her that it was okay now, that they were married and it wasn't a sin, so he could touch her however and whenever he liked. Because he was the husband and that was his right.

I think you all know that this story doesn't go well for the wife. There was abuse, obviously. And it started right there.

The last man who grabbed a part of my anatomy without permission? Got a broken nose.

I do not care if a man is your husband, your father, your brother, a friend, or a complete stranger. I do not care. If they touch you and you do not want to be touched it is your right to not be touched! And you can do whatever you have to do to make them stop touching you. Whether that is fighting back, or screaming, or telling them to remove their arm before you break it.

Marrying a man does not mean that he owns you. Any belief system that tells you otherwise is wrong.


  1. Interesting. I'd never heard of the Quiverfull movement before.

    I am proud of you for the broken nose. You're right, that is not ok, and at this point in history everyone really should know that.

  2. sanil,

    It's apparently one of those 'back to the basics of the Bible' movements, where they have kids nonstop and the man has all the power in the household. Very patriarchal in the bad way. I've heard of it here and there but never really looked into it.

    Heh. I'm quite proud of the broken nose myself. :)

    Everyone should know that it's wrong at this point in time. The systems that not only allow but encourage this behavior and the mental process behind it are disgusting.

  3. Susanne,

    I know. It makes me want to hit a couple of choice people over the heads. It wouldn't do any good, but the urge is there.


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