Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Writers:

No, really. I admit to having used the wrong term when writing years ago. Before I ever picked up a gun and learned the difference. It *annoys* me that writers - writers who supposedly have police/weapons experts as consultants keep getting it wrong. I can't imagine how much it sets the teeth of gun enthusiasts on edge.

I was watching Sunday's ep of The Walking Dead and the *cop* got it wrong. Now that's just poor research. A 9mm Beretta does not take a clip. It takes a magazine. I even looked it up just to be sure, cause I'd hate to rant and be wrong, and like I said, not a gun enthusiast. I can shoot 'em and not blow my own foot off and hit the target, but that's about it. So I checked. Magazine. Not a clip. M'kay?

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