Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1

Oh, holy crap. I forgot how *hard* this is. Not the writing, but sticking to a schedule. I'm a lazy writer. I really am. I just sort of roll with it. When it comes, it comes. That does not work with NaNoWriMo! 50,000 words in 30 days.

I'm calling it quits for the day. According to my count I have 1,709 words written. Not bad. Not spectacular, but not bad. I think I'll get into the groove as it goes. I had a hard time getting the story started. I knew the first line, but after do you get into the story? I had a few paragraphs written and they just didn't work. I had to delete all the way back down to the first line and start over. Much better now. :)

And I also rediscovered the fact that snippets of dialogue or scenes will come to me at horribly inappropriate times at work. And I have to get them down or I'll forget them! And they come out of order of course. But I jot them down and I'll get to those scenes eventually. Or not. Sometimes they don't quite happen the way I think they will and I have to rewrite or junk some stuff. But we'll see. It's early days.

Also I keep checking facts in my books. I probably shouldn't but I just hate writing down something and then having to remember to check it later. What if I miss something?

Also, new header! I found a cap of the scene with the machete and awesomehotDean! Don't mind me...


  1. I'm so glad you have problems too! :D That sounds mean, but I mean it more as that I've seen your writing and you're good, so not knowing how to start doesn't necessarily mean I suck. :D

    I like the idea of writing the scenes and dialog when it comes to you. I never do that, but I really should because that's mostly what I do have...I'm terrible w/plot. But maybe I'll be surprised like yesterday and plot will come once the characters are written out.

    I liked the snippets you shared from your story yesterday! Will you share it when it's done? :)

  2. *lol* I understand what you mean. It gets so frustrating when you're having trouble and you start thinking, 'what the hell am I doing? I can't write!' and hearing that other people have the same problems (or any problems at all really) makes you feel better. It's not just you, it's everyone. :) I feel the same way, really.

    I've seen your writing and you're good

    *blinkblink* *looks around for who you're talking to* I think you have me confused with someone else, but thanks! :)

    I have to do it that way because bits and pieces just come. And I'd hate to lose a good scene to the recesses of my mind. They don't always work out and I've had another series where I had to write little side stories for some scenes that just didn't work in the main story or came too far in the future to be held onto. My brain clearly does not work in a linear fashion. It's sad...

    I'm glad you liked them. Clearly Marcone and Harry want to argue but they can't yet! I'm not *there*. Hell, at this point they're not even in the same room, let alone having ethical discussions. I'd yell at them but I'm afraid Marcone would have me 'taken care of'. *eyes Marcone-muse* He's sneaky.

    Once the fic's done I plan on posting it to my lj and maybe both of the Dresden slash comm's I've found. Definitely the one that's Marcone/Dresden and maybe the one that's general Dresden-verse slash. After all what's the point of fic if you don't inflict it on others? :)


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