Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Fresh Insanity Is This?

My throat hurts. It's hurt for a couple of days, but it's gotten worse. I cough, and it feels pretty much like knives in my throat. Good times, good times.

There's some phlegm, but it's not green or infection colored or anything.

The weird bit is that I'm not congested. Nothing in the nose, nothing in the chest. It's just my throat. WTH? I feel fine, except my voice sounds like crap and the whole coughing and knives thing. I'm taking Robitussin, which helps. It also tastes like butt. Why is that? Why does medicine have to taste like such crap? And what the heck is going on here?


  1. never tasted butt! lmao I also have a cough and sound like honor blackman. some strange cold going on.

  2. :)

    Hope your throat feels better soon!

  3. OH thats how it starts! Tomorrow you'll be stuffy, it'll take about 48 hours to go away. Welcome to the plague. :(

  4. slice,

    Neither have I, but I imagine it tastes just about as bad as this medicine! *lol*


    Oh, wishful thinking. It's not happening, methinks.


    I'm still not really stuffy but the throat has gotten worse.


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