Saturday, November 6, 2010

Days 5 & 6

Supernatural made me start late yesterday, so I wound up 200 words under the goal. But that was okay. I spent plenty of time writing today. :)

Marcone and Dresden got all magically bound together. I keeping joking that they got married. Which they did. They just don't quite realize it yet. I'm going to go read First Lords Fury now.

I've left Marcone and Harry on the front steps of Harry's boarding house. Harry doesn't want to move into Marcone's house. Marcone is making him. G'night.


  1. Oh so I found out that in my collection of BBC DVDs I have season 1 of the Dresden files :)

  2. Cool. But it's the entire series, actually. It's one of those shows that they only made one season of. *pouts* It had it's problems, especially when you're comparing it to the books, but I did like the series.


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